Sunday, July 30, 2017

Training Responsibilities Of A Professional Bodybuilder

professional bodybuilder

Every body builder remains responsible of his or her decisions and actions all through a body building program. The kind of exercises that a body builder chooses to include in the training schedule determines the muscle gains achieved at the end of the training duration. The frequency of training and the intensity levels achieved enroute the program are issues exclusively at the determination of a body builder. Dieting and workout consistency determines how successful a body builder is in building muscles and toning them. In fact, the eventual success or failure of a body building training program solely lies as a responsibility of the individual body builder.

Despite this wide field of self determination, there are times when a body builder looses the control of eventualities. Some things happen without the consent or effort of the body builder. Some of these things are very detrimental and when a body builder is forced to accept them, he can only do so with a heavy heart.

Fort instance, old age comes soon or later and the body builder has to retire from the weight room or from intense workouts. This happens at a time when the body builder has perfected the exercises and has made body building his or her life. The routine is part of their life at this point and they cannot imagine a day without the gym session. Yet when they are forced to accept the worst by their physician, friends and family, they must do so with grace.

When a body builder suffers a serious injury during workouts and is therefore disabled in such a way that he or she can never lift the weights again, the pain is worse than that of a terminal disease at its late stages of development. Grown men cry out in the open, others hit out at the physicians who break the bad news to them and still others are too dumbfounded to speak or think. Depression streaks usually follow such concessions and the body builder can regress to a very destructive habit. When the body builder has injured the body beyond recovery such as dislocating the spine, they are forced to undergo the worse acceptance of fate any individual should be made to go through. Yet when they accept the worst, it is possible to take on the future with grace.

Sometimes in our lives we are all forced to accept something that is very hurtful to us. We are forced to give up something so dear to our hearts. We are mandated to live a life without the one thing that we may have struggled all our life to get. As body builders, we do or can encounter such a moment. It is a very trying and hard season in a body builder’s life to have to accept a life without body building workouts. Yet when it happens if it happens, we must endeavor to keep our passion alive, our esteem high and our dreams big. We must see the future ahead of us, bright and promising. We must keep standing and not go down with depression and regressive behaviors.

Although hard to say, let alone believe, there is life after body building, even after the worst happens.

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Biceps Training Tips

Q: I’ve got a couple of problems with my biceps. Firstly, whenever I do barbell curls I feel more of a burn in my forearms than my biceps. And secondly, I can’t seem to get any peak on my biceps. What’s the key to building an Arnold style bicep peak?

biceps training

A: That’s easy – go back in time to 1947 and get yourself hatched from a sweet little Austrian woman named Auriela. Failing that you could work with your OWN potential. You see, muscle shape is a pre-determined genetic factor in our make-up. And, unfortunately, an Everest type bicep peak doesn’t get dished out that often. Every once in a while you get your Arnold’s, your Robby Robinson’s and your Boyer Coe’s. Meanwhile the rest of us have to work with what we’ve got. Which doesn’t mean that you can’t build some damn impressive arms. It just means that your overall bicep shape is set at conception.

Remember though that the only way to realize your potential is to try and surpass it. You need to work the entire biceps for complete development. That means giving equal attention to both the inner and outer heads of the biceps brachaii as well as the often neglected brachialis (the egg shaped muscle on the side of the arm that gives shape and thickness to the muscle group). Many trainers compound the problem of genetically limited biceps shape by not performing full range of motion. This can have the effect of leaving a gap between the bicep and the elbow (the dreaded short bicep). Avoid this problem by going through a full range of motion on every rep. Most traditional curling movements tend to favor the inner head of the biceps brachaii, so remember to add in the likes of hammer curls, French curls and dumbbell curls on the preacher bench. To hit the brachialis try cross body hammer curls, bringing the dumbbell across to the opposite shoulder. Continue working hard to develop your upper arms with a variety of curling variations and you will win the arms race – peak or no peak.

Now, to your first question. This problem is actually quite common and its solution is, fortunately, quite simple. When you start the curling motion, my bet is that you are curling the wrist in. This puts the tension on the forearms throughout the movement, which is not what you want. What you need to do is to flex your wrist backward during the curling motion. This will take the tension off of the forearm flexors and place it squarely on the bicep – where you want it. It will also make the exercise slightly more difficult to perform, so put your ego aside and lower your poundage’s until you get this one sorted out. You’ll be working your biceps more directly and you won’t have to worry about your forearms being a limiting factor.

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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Biceps And Abdominal Training Tips

Q: I’m trying to get bigger arms while also trying to lose fat. Am I fighting a losing battle? By the way, I’m 215 lbs. and stand 5’9″ at 18% body fat. I’m 19. Can I lose the gut and keep my arms growing?

biceps and abdominal training

A: Thanks for the info – the more, the better. Sounds like you’re an easy gainer and hard loser, considering your age, height and muscularity already. Though we know that 18% body fat is on the high side for a young guy, we can also tell you that the good news is: You’re an easy gainer. True, easy gainer of both muscle AND fat, but easy gainer nonetheless. You can always diet fat off, but putting on muscle is the true challenge of all people in the gym. The short answer to your question is this: Yes, you can lose fat and put on muscle. True also, it’s easier with AAS use, but it’s also possible for someone who is naturally an easy gainer (of muscle) and hard loser (of fat). It’s this latter bit that actually helps you retain muscle while losing fat.

Do a little research of your own and you’ll find that your body fat can drop safely and moderately. However, it’s crucial to be consistent with diet and exercise in the beginning in order to flip your metabolism. You also need to eat a LOT of meals, just smaller than you may be used to. Make sure each meal has protein in it, of at least 20-40 grams, and that you don’t let more than 3 hours pass without putting some fuel into your body. You may not initially lose weight in this manner, but you will, so stick with it. Also, you need to really boost the cardio in the beginning, and do it in the morning on an empty stomach. You’ll also need to really increase the pace of your training. All of this combined will help you with fat loss. Stay heavy though, particularly on your arm workouts.

Try a 1 body part a day/ 5 days a week schedule of Back, Legs, Chest, Shoulders, Arms. Just increase the intensity and pace as much as you can and you’ll have enough time in between workouts that your diet isn’t going to team up with overtraining and cause you to lose muscle. You’d probably have to work hard to lose muscle though, we have to admit. You probably think not, but considering your age, if arms are your only problem area, you’re doing well. As for losing your gut, that’s a lot diet, and specifically, the first couple of weeks, you should do the no carb, high protein, moderate to high fat program and then carefully feather in lower glycemic carbs. You’ll never be able to eat the white rice, dude, so don’t even try it!

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Rapid-Fire Training

Q: I’m trying to lose some body fat. I want to get really ripped and stay that way all year round. Is there any exercise routine I can try besides standard aerobics?

A: There’s one technique that provides all the benefits of aerobics and will keep you lean and mean all the time. It’s called Rapid-Fire Training and it guarantees you will never leave the gym without feeling annihilated and dripping with sweat. Rapid-Fire Training isn’t some complex training system… it simply involves shortening rest periods between sets and increasing the overall intensity of your workout.

rapid fire training

Warm-up for 10 minutes on the treadmill or bike. Just get some blood moving (if you use thermogenics, this gives them some time to kick in). Then give yourself 40-45 minutes to do all of your training and you should start busting your ass. Do as many sets of as many different exercises as you can in that time frame (for whichever bodyparts you’re training). You can use supersets, giant sets, drop sets or whatever, just make sure you keep moving and don’t rest more than 20 seconds between exercises. But don’t think this is an excuse to use light weights. Use the heaviest weights you can handle on every set.

When you first try Rapid-Fire Training you’re going to be winded. But soon, your system will adapt and you’ll be able to maintain these intense training sessions easier. Quickly you’ll find you can lift some impressive poundage’s with very little rest between sets — no more 5 minute recuperation periods for you.

If you’re just starting out, I suggest alternating this kind of training with slower, more methodical sessions or just take a rest day every 3 days to recover. I guarantee Rapid-Fire Training will add slabs of new quality muscle to your frame, while shedding the body fat blurring the deep striations of a well developed physique, and turn you into a lean machine permanently.

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Isometrics Training For Bodybuilders

isometrics training

Q: Is isometric training of any value to bodybuilders and, if so, how can it be incorporated into a workout program?

A: Isometrics got a huge boost in the mid 20th Century through the mail order courses of a fellow named Charles Atlas. Nowadays, however, the vast majority of bodybuilders consider it to be little better than useless in terms of building muscle. As we all know, you can’t get big without getting strong. The problem with isometrics is that strength gains are only derived in the specific angles trained. For instance, if you do an isometric contraction with your arms at a 45 % angle, your strength will only be improved around this angle. To gain functional strength, then, you would have to do isometric contractions at a number of different points through a muscles range of motion.

Isometric training also tends to elevate one’s blood pressure. In addition, the repeated contraction of a muscle in a single position, can result in the shortening of that muscle. This can permanently affect a person’s posture.

Isometric training, however, does offer some distinct advantages. For starters, it allows for near maximum contraction over an extended time period. This is very hard to achieve with conventional weight training where maximum contraction may only be reached on the last rep of a set. Another interesting benefit of isometric training is that it appears to give an instant boost to specific strength. This was confirmed by a recent study out of the University of Connecticut (Storrs) in which researchers tested 14 track and field athletes on their leg strength 30 seconds after doing 3 isometric leg extensions – each one lasting for 3 seconds. The athletes displayed an average strength improvement of 6 % on the leg extension exercise. Researchers aren’t exactly sure why this happens, but it appears that the isometrics prime the muscle for maximum fiber activation.

Application of this finding to the gym is having amazing results. To try it yourself, simply perform 3 isometric contractions on the exercise you wish to boost your strength on before performing that exercise. The contraction should be at around the mid-point of the exercise and should be held for 3 seconds. Rest for 30 seconds after the last contraction, then go straight into your maximum lift. You should find yourself hoisting more poundage than you ever have. Don’t, however, overuse this technique. To keep the gains coming, restrict it’s use to once every four work-outs.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

High Impact Training

high impact training

Q: I have really been into HIT lately, but I am losing strength, overall, on it. Is this normal to start HIT training and find that the second workout with the same body part finds you weaker?

A: A lot of factors play into whether you feel weaker or not. Rest, food and recovery are key. So is water intake and pre-workout supplementation. Use creatine for pre-workouts, eat enough calories (though not right before you train because that can sap your strength too, believe it or not), and check to see that you’re not low in T3 levels (get a blood test) have Mononucleosis, or that you are sleep deprived.

Your diet may be good, but it may also not be giving you the nutrients you need.

A lot of people think, “I’m taking in 4000 cals/day so I know I’m getting all my vitamins and minerals and other nutrients” but that’s not always the case. Take an animal type pack of vitamins daily that have ultra-intensity in mind. You’re using a LOT more than your girlfriend or mom and dad.

The other big thing is that I don’t know exactly what you’re doing. Write back to me and I can better assess your routine.

You might be overdoing it and taking too little rest in between. That will surely sap your strength and actually, is probably the most obvious answer.

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