Pauline Nordin

Pauline Nordin

Height: 160 cm
Competitive weight: 53 kg

That’s what Pauline Nordin says about herself … “Scientifically proven theories of training, proper nutrition, rest do not bother me. When I meet the sun on the beach in the morning and put myself to run, run until my heart slows me down. Then I ask my heart – can I still run if the life of a loved one would depended on it? And I run on, my lungs explode, but I feel that I can do it !!!

Every day I go to the gym to win myself. I do not allow myself to doubt. My body does what I require of it. I know the word NO, but when I train, I can not and do not want to hear it.

There are no too big scales, I just need to try to lift them. I leave emotions in front of the hall, at a training session I turn into a trouble-free mechanism. These are just gravities, they will not kill me, but they will be light if I want it. My muscles and ligaments are blind, so I can tell them that I will have to withstand this load, because there is no other way out … “

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