Training Responsibilities Of A Professional Bodybuilder

professional bodybuilder

Every body builder remains responsible of his or her decisions and actions all through a body building program. The kind of exercises that a body builder chooses to include in the training schedule determines the muscle gains achieved at the end of the training duration. The frequency of training and the intensity levels achieved enroute the program are issues exclusively at the determination of a body builder. Dieting and workout consistency determines how successful a body builder is in building muscles and toning them. In fact, the eventual success or failure of a body building training program solely lies as a responsibility of the individual body builder.

Despite this wide field of self determination, there are times when a body builder looses the control of eventualities. Some things happen without the consent or effort of the body builder. Some of these things are very detrimental and when a body builder is forced to accept them, he can only do so with a heavy heart.

Fort instance, old age comes soon or later and the body builder has to retire from the weight room or from intense workouts. This happens at a time when the body builder has perfected the exercises and has made body building his or her life. The routine is part of their life at this point and they cannot imagine a day without the gym session. Yet when they are forced to accept the worst by their physician, friends and family, they must do so with grace.

When a body builder suffers a serious injury during workouts and is therefore disabled in such a way that he or she can never lift the weights again, the pain is worse than that of a terminal disease at its late stages of development. Grown men cry out in the open, others hit out at the physicians who break the bad news to them and still others are too dumbfounded to speak or think. Depression streaks usually follow such concessions and the body builder can regress to a very destructive habit. When the body builder has injured the body beyond recovery such as dislocating the spine, they are forced to undergo the worse acceptance of fate any individual should be made to go through. Yet when they accept the worst, it is possible to take on the future with grace.

Sometimes in our lives we are all forced to accept something that is very hurtful to us. We are forced to give up something so dear to our hearts. We are mandated to live a life without the one thing that we may have struggled all our life to get. As body builders, we do or can encounter such a moment. It is a very trying and hard season in a body builder’s life to have to accept a life without body building workouts. Yet when it happens if it happens, we must endeavor to keep our passion alive, our esteem high and our dreams big. We must see the future ahead of us, bright and promising. We must keep standing and not go down with depression and regressive behaviors.

Although hard to say, let alone believe, there is life after body building, even after the worst happens.

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