Biceps And Abdominal Training Tips

biceps and abdominal training

Q: I’m trying to get bigger arms while also trying to lose fat. Am I fighting a losing battle? By the way, I’m 215 lbs. and stand 5’9″ at 18% body fat. I’m 19. Can I lose the gut and keep my arms growing?

A: Thanks for the info – the more, the better. Sounds like you’re an easy gainer and hard loser, considering your age, height and muscularity already. Though we know that 18% body fat is on the high side for a young guy, we can also tell you that the good news is: You’re an easy gainer. True, easy gainer of both muscle AND fat, but easy gainer nonetheless. You can always diet fat off, but putting on muscle is the true challenge of all people in the gym. The short answer to your question is this: Yes, you can lose fat and put on muscle. True also, it’s easier with AAS use, but it’s also possible for someone who is naturally an easy gainer (of muscle) and hard loser (of fat). It’s this latter bit that actually helps you retain muscle while losing fat.

Do a little research of your own and you’ll find that your body fat can drop safely and moderately. However, it’s crucial to be consistent with diet and exercise in the beginning in order to flip your metabolism. You also need to eat a LOT of meals, just smaller than you may be used to. Make sure each meal has protein in it, of at least 20-40 grams, and that you don’t let more than 3 hours pass without putting some fuel into your body. You may not initially lose weight in this manner, but you will, so stick with it. Also, you need to really boost the cardio in the beginning, and do it in the morning on an empty stomach. You’ll also need to really increase the pace of your training. All of this combined will help you with fat loss. Stay heavy though, particularly on your arm workouts.

Try a 1 body part a day/ 5 days a week schedule of Back, Legs, Chest, Shoulders, Arms. Just increase the intensity and pace as much as you can and you’ll have enough time in between workouts that your diet isn’t going to team up with overtraining and cause you to lose muscle. You’d probably have to work hard to lose muscle though, we have to admit. You probably think not, but considering your age, if arms are your only problem area, you’re doing well. As for losing your gut, that’s a lot diet, and specifically, the first couple of weeks, you should do the no carb, high protein, moderate to high fat program and then carefully feather in lower glycemic carbs. You’ll never be able to eat the white rice, dude, so don’t even try it!

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