Bob Paris

Bob Paris

Bob Paris is one of the most colorful personalities in bodybuilding. He was born on December 14, 1959 in Indiana. At school Bob played football and was engaged in track and field athletics. His weight in his youth was 160 pounds and he decided that he needed to gain a little muscle mass. Therefore, Paris moved to the weightlifting section and began practicing with “iron.” The school also knew Bob as an active public and cultural figure – he played in the theater and always participated in various conferences. At the time of graduation and admission to the university, Bob weighed about 200 pounds and had the physique of a real bodybuilder. After studying, he moved to Florida, and then to Southern California, where he decided to stop. By the way, before entering university, Bob spent two years in the US Marine Corps.

In California, Bob continued his intensive training and soon began to try himself as a participant in local competitions. His magnificent physique was rightfully judged by the judges and Paris became the champion of California in bodybuilding. In 1983, he already became Mr. Universe and continued to make progress in this sport. In addition, Bob as a fully developed personality continued to improve himself spiritually: he entered the Conservatory of Stella Adler, which he graduated with honors.

His career as a bodybuilder continued to go up, he became an idol of thousands of fans and won dozens of awards. Bob continued to participate in tournaments until 1992.

In 1989, he shocked the public by claiming in the magazine Ironman Magazine about his homosexual relations with the model of Rod Jackson, which began in 1984 (and ended in 1995). In those days, many turned away from Bob, as the image of a bodybuilder, ie, the embodiment of courage and power did not fit in with homosexuality. For many years, Bob Paris has dedicated himself to the struggle for gay rights, being the speaker of one of the communities representing sexual minorities.

In 1994, he co-authored the book “Straight from the Heart”, which described his relationship with Rod. Later, a documentary film was also made, where the protagonists played themselves.

Paris also openly advocated a healthy sport without steroids. Flex magazine in 2006 called it the most aesthetic bodybuilder in the history of bodybuilding.

Since 1997, Paris has played in various theaters in New York and other cities. In 2009, he received a role in one of the series on the channel Fox. As a writer, Paris is the author of seven books on sports, many articles, novels, as well as several plays and scripts for films. Bob for a long time and acted as a model, shooting with the best photographers in the US.

The biography of Bob Paris is a vivid example of the many facets that a person can rarely do. Bob realized himself in a multitude of at first sight completely incompatible professions, and in each of them he achieved great success. Today, Bob Paris lives with his wife (they are married for more than 13 years) near Vancouver, Canada.

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