Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sex, Testosterone and Prolactin

Studies have shown that immediately after intercourse, there is an increase in the blood concentration of the hormone prolactin. This hormone can have an undesirable effect in the sport activities, as it reduces testosterone levels and inhibits mental activity. However, this effect does not last long, and as shown by tests, testosterone levels do not go down so easily. Thus, we can say that an orgasm does not lead to a decrease in testosterone levels in the blood.

In addition to short-term effect of sex on testosterone levels, the researchers decided to see what effect have a long-term abstinence. A study with volunteers showed the following results: Twenty men were examined within 2 months for testosterone levels and frequency of intercourse. Testosterone levels were higher in people who have a higher degree of sexual activity.

Another study showed that sexual abstinence leads to an increase in testosterone levels up to 145% of baseline on day 7 of abstinence, after which hormone levels begins to gradually decline to baseline or ranges. Based on this work, we can conclude that in order to maintain a high level of male sex hormones the optimal frequency of intercourse is about once a week, regardless of age and marital status.

It is interesting to note that the level of testosterone increases significantly when men experience sexual arousal without subsequent orgasm. For example, a 15-minute movie with pornographic content can increase testosterone levels by 100%. Another study, published showed similar results. Thus, it can be concluded, that without further sexual stimulation orgasm can significantly increase the level of testosterone. However, it should be noted that this approach is not recommended in practice because of the risk of sexual disorders such as prostatitis, prostate cancer, prostatic hypertrophy, etc.

Friday, January 9, 2015

The Best Time to Exercise

This is an article on how to use the biorhythm for the benefit of muscle growth and development. Here are several interesting facts on how to choose the best time for training.
  • Your circadian rhythm - a 24-hour cycle of biological activity which is  set your internal clock. Change of sleep and wakefulness is one of the processes defined by your circadian rhythm
  • The level of hormones in your body and the change in body temperature is subject to circadian rhythm. The combination of these indicators, leading to the peak of physical activity, as well as for optimal learning occurs in the middle of the day and evening
  • The best time for effective training is usually between 14:30 and 20:30 hours, if you have a regular sleep
  • You can determine the optimum time for training, monitoring your heart rate during the day
  • If you cannot train at the optimal period of the day, you can train in the early morning, stimulating the body with caffeine. However, it should be done with care!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Role of Genetics in Muscle Building

The fundamental principles of high-intensity training are equal for all of us. But individual response to such training may vary widely. This factors depends in most of cases on the genetic characteristics of an organism.

It is practically impossible to evaluate the practical  potential of a beginner bodybuilder. However, there are certain by genetic aspects that can help a trainer to make a prediction for the future. This is the width and length of bones, muscle length, the ability to restore the muscles density and tissue. There is also a set of genetic and physiological traits which compose a series of mechanisms that regulate the rate and extent of reactions to the exercise.

There is evidence that the results you acquire in the gym are highly dependent on the effectiveness of satellite cell-mediated myonuclear addition. Your muscles won't grow unless the satellite cells surrounding your muscle fibers donate their nuclei to your muscles so they can produce a larger amount of genetic material and to signal the cells to grow.

The difference between outstanding responders in comparison to average and non-responders in strength training is caused mostly due to satellite cell activation. Excellent responders have more satellite cells that surround their muscle fibers, as well as a extraordinary ability to increase their satellite cell pool through training and workout.

Many researches showed that individuals who have high expression of key hypertrophy genes have a distinct adaptive advantage over other individuals. Individuals with lower baseline expression of key hypertrophy genes showed a lower capacity to adapt to strength training, despite the fact that workout did increase their gene expression in response to the given exercise.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

10 Common Mistakes That Affect Bodybuilding Training

bodybuilding training

1. Eating too little

This mostly affects women because they tend to eat less food. This will result in the lacking of enough energy needed to make significant improvements to their bodies. One needs a bigger portion of food in order to supplement the energy needed to create muscle mass. Adding some calories may add a little fat to the body but this will shed off while training.

2. Eating unhealthy foods

I mentioned above stocking up on calories, however this doesn’t mean indulging in fast food and junk food which are calorie dense. While bulking up, one should obtain calories from clean and healthy sources such lean meats and healthy fats from say fish. Focus on putting on muscle not fat.

3. Avoiding carbohydrates

If consumed appropriately, carbohydrates make a great source of energy. Carbohydrates are classified into 2 main groups.

+ Simple carbohydrates such as White bread and spaghetti are digested easily and fast hence they fortify the insulin levels and direct more glycogen to the muscles. They also help in deriving amino acids from proteins which are used in muscle building.

+ Complex carbohydrates take long to be digested but they are a great source of long term energy. Arrowroots, brown bread are good examples of these complex carbohydrates.

4. Smoking and alcohol

Smoking limits oxygen supply to one’s body. Lack of oxygen in the blood and ultimately the heart will make you weak thus disorienting your workout program. Hemoglobin has a higher affinity for Carbon monoxide is a by product of tobacco. This prevents absorption of oxygen to the bloodstream.

Alcohol slows down metabolism and stops fat breakdown. It also causes dehydration, slows down protein synthesis and leads to low testosterone levels. All this harbor any meaningful bodybuilding.

5. Unregulated cardio

Integrating cardio improves one’s both the appetite and the cardiovascular system. All these are crucial in bodybuilding.
No cardio results in a poor cardiovascular system will cause one to fail to achieve their goals mostly because they are out of breath.
Too much cardio harbors muscle size and shape since too much energy is spent on cardio. A moderate cardio of say 20-30 minute periods a week maintains a good metabolism and functioning of the heart.

6. Excess exercise machine use

Workout machines are comfortable and easy to use but the free weights basics with dumbbells like rows and squats are the best. Free weights train most muscle fiber leading to best muscle growth. Exhaust as much energy with free-weights before engaging the machines.

7. Little rest

Working out tears muscle tissue. The body requires recovery time to repair the worn out tissue. Lack of rest cancels out any meaningful muscle growth.

8. Weight control

One should focus more on muscle mass development and not how weight one has put on. Weight increment mostly indicates increased body fat. Men tend to relate muscle growth to increasing weight. Women tend to stop eating as much to avoid gaining weight. All these harbor muscle improvement.

9. Misplaced goals

What are you aiming for in bodybuilding? Is one doing this for competitive reasons, keeping fit or just to impress? Making short and long term goals will assist one to keep focused on what one is aiming for.

10.Irregular meal times

The body needs proteins every 2 to 3 hours. This will keep the body from eating away at already formed muscles. Keep to strict eating times to ensure the body has enough amino acids reserves until the next meal.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Benefits Of Bodybuilding Training Programs

Bodybuilding isn’t just a walk over. You don’t wake up in the morning and have it all figured out. Every bodybuilder will tell you that they have had their ups and downs. At times the progress they were making was so fast and evident such that their colleagues at work and the guys they work out with compliment them. At other times, the progress is so slow they have to go back to the drawing board to ask them where it is exactly that they went wrong. If you have ever had a serious injury then you will agree with me that during such times you ask yourself why it is exactly that you are in a gym. So the next time you are at crossroads and you’re wondering whether to get off the body building highway, remember these words.

To begin with, bodybuilding is the best gift that you could ever give to your body. Bodybuilders have a generally higher life expectancy. Exercising improves your immune system and makes you less susceptible to diseases such as respiratory disorders, cardiovascular disorders, cancer, and obesity among other sicknesses. It is actually easier for you to get life or health insurance if you’re a bodybuilder as compared to a less athletic person. Cardio does miracles to your heart as it strengthens your heart muscles. Exercising also stimulates your brain and will improve your concentration span.

Secondly, bodybuilding might just pay you bills especially with the unpredictable economic changes. You may wake up one morning and find that your profession has been phased out like a floppy disk! Bodybuilding depending on how successful you are has put kids through college and paid for tuition in private schools. Celebrity advertising has turned some lucky people into millionaires almost overnight. Be it skin care products or healthcare products like supplements, you can crack a gold mine.

You might be doing it as a hobby but just know that there is always that option of going pro. So if you are thinking of quitting bodybuilding, give yourself a bigger challenge, go professional. This is just one angle in which you can look at it in terms of our career. On the other hand, did you know that a well toned muscular body is associated with persons of high personal discipline and dedication? This means that you might land that great job just because your muscles can still be seen through your suit!

Last but not least, bodybuilding makes you look 10 times better than just your average Joe. Ever wondered why some guys always have a lady clinging onto their arms nearly all the time apart from their bathroom breaks? Believe me it has nothing to do with their good looks or charm but has everything to do with the well formed biceps.

I do hope that you will choose to be a bodybuilder until death do you part hopefully in your late 90’s. Either way, enjoy life but know that you will face the consequences. If you stick to bodybuilding, find joy in what you do.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Training Tips To Improve Your Physique

Are you one of the muscle men? Do you train hard, eat right, use the right supplements, and give your body plenty of time to recover? Or are you just spinning your wheels, spending your days talking about how one day you’ll be some great bodybuilder – but you never quite make the steps necessary to achieve this incredible feat? If you’re all talk and no walk, it’s time to make a change. It’s time to get in shape!

The first thing you will want to do it adjust your diet. Start slow. Don’t begin an entirely new diet, or there’s a good chance you’ll fail. Rather, you should focus your energies upon one simple thing at a time. First, add protein to your diet. Just an extra piece of meat, three times per day, will make a significant initial difference. Then, move on to a few more changes. Perhaps you can cut the sugars out of your diet by cutting out the soda, slowly (but watch out for the caffeine headaches!) Add water as well, since the added protein may leave you dehydrated.

Next, start walking. Yes, you might flinch at the idea of moving around you block like an elderly woman. However, it will stimulate blood flow to all areas of your body – particularly to the muscles you want to start punching to new ceilings! Once you’ve walked for a week, get in the gym and complete a week or two of light, full body workouts. From there, move on to hitting each muscle group twice per week using a few more sets and a little more intensity. Finally, use this foundation of fitness and go all out – hitting everything on its own day and returning to the uber-successful 5 day bodybuilding split that is quite the standard.

One common problem that many bodybuilders face is that they are constantly changing things up. You don’t have to continually confuse the muscles of the body in order to become one of the muscle men – instead, you need to simply hammer the muscle groups of the body with a very effective and well thought out workout. You can’t be taking days off of the gym every week for whatever reason. We all have things that limit our schedule – but very rarely do we let them derail our training. If you miss anything more than one workout a month, you’re still spinning your wheels – and real muscle men do not do that! Got it?

Finally, stop talking. Don’t tell your mom, your girlfriend, or your buddies about the bodybuilding success you hope to soon achieve. Rather, just do it, man! Don’t plan out loud. Keep your mouth shut. Anytime you want to start babbling about yourself, instead go to the kitchen and cook a meal for later. Complete some crunches. Just do anything but waste time planning for something that doesn’t require that much planning, that you should be doing already. Just train baby – stop talking about it and just do it!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Famous Bodybuilder Jim Badra

Famous Bodybuilder Jim Badra

About Jim Badra : Jim Badra was born April, 1961 and is a Greek and Jordanian American former professional bodybuilder, businessman, investor, and spokesperson for health and nutrition. Badra competed in bodybuilding and became a Mr. World Champion in 1988. He also featured on the cover of Muscular Development magazine.

Jimmy began weight training at the age of 19. He won the Mr Western USA title at age 24 and went on to win the Mr. World and became Bodybuilder of the Year in 1988. Badra remains active in the bodybuilding world and gives seminars on nutrition and health around the world.

Being a foreigner in middle America, Jim Badra was inspired to become a body builder due to bullying and the cultural separation of being a foreigner in a white American school. It was observed that Top Bodybuilder gained the respect and admiration of Americans. As a foreigner trying to fit in, Badra saw his opportunity of being a great American through bodybuilding. This venture became a family affair according to the Article "Body Builder's quest for fame and glory is a family affair".

At age 19, Jim started lifting heavy weights. He devoted himself to becoming a World Champion Bodybuilder, after gaining recognitions from some prestigious amateur bodybuilding contest. In 1984, He won the heavyweight division at the Super Bowl of Bodybuilding in Anaheim. His amateur bodybuilding titles include 1985 Gold's Classic in Reno, Nev. the 1985 Super Boal of Bodybuilding in San Jose, and Mr. Western USA in Alameda.

After competing in the Mr America contest, Badra turned professional and set his eyes on winning the biggest of all bodybuilding contests Mr. Olympia. Jim lived and trained in Northern California. Laura Dayton, journalist for Muscular Development, states "I've known him since his Mr. World win. He is a Hard trainer, a superior physique athlete and more importantly, a hell of a nice guy with a genuinely positive attitude about the sport, it's future and his role in that future." she goes on to say "Jim is soft-spoken in an interview, but he has mastered bringing excitement and his unique charisma to the stage."

Competitive history
1984 Superbowl of Bodybuilding IV - Heavyweight Winner
1985 Superbowl of Bodybuilding - Heavyweight Winner
1985 Gold's Classic - Heavyweight Winner
1985 Mr. Western U.S.A - Heavyweight Winner (with Most Muscular, Most Symmetrical)
1986 California Gold Cup - Heavyweight Winner (with Most Muscular)
1988 Mr America Championship - Heavyweight Third Place
1988 Mr Universe Championship - Heavyweight Third Place
1988 Mr World Invitational - Heavyweight Winner
1988 Bodybuilder of the Year - Overall
1989 Mr Universe Championship - Heavyweight Third Place
1989 Mr America Championship - Heavyweight Second Place

Friday, April 11, 2014

Clarence Ross - Famous Bodybuilder

Famous Bodybuilder Clarence Ross

Clarence Ross

About Clarence Ross : Clarence Ross (October 26, 1923 – April 30, 2008) was a bodybuilder from the United States.

Ross was born in Oakland, California on October 26, 1923, the second of the four children of Hershel Ross, a teamster, and his wife Jeannette Levi. His mother died when he was young, so he grew up in a series of foster homes.

He started weight training at age 17, weighing 135 pounds at a height of 5'10".

He was motivated by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor to enlist in the Air Force, which he did on October 31, 1942 at San Francisco, and was then stationed in Las Vegas. Around this time he married his wife.

Clarence Ross Bodybuilder

In 1945, Ross won the AAU Mr. America contest in Los Angeles. After this success, he started to appear on the covers of popular physique magazines such as Your Physique, Iron Man, Muscle Power, and Health and Strength.

After leaving the service in November, 1945, Ross opened a gym in Alameda, California. On March 13, 1948, Ross won the Mr. USA contest in Los Angeles ahead of the 1947 Mr. America, Steve Reeves.

Ross attempted to defend his title in 1949, but placed second to John Grimek. However, he finished ahead of Steve Reeves, becoming one of only two men to beat Reeves twice (along with Grimek).

In 1955, Clarence attempted a comeback at the Professional Mister Universe of London. He won the tall class category but was beaten for the Overall Title by the Canadian Leo Robert.

Ross died on April 30, 2008.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ronny Rockel German Bodybuilder

Famous Bodybuilder Ronny Rockel

Ronny Rockel

About Ronny Rockel : Ronny Rockel is an IFBB professional bodybuilder from Germany. Ronny Rockel was born and raised in Germany. Like many other professional bodybuilders from Europe such as Milos Sarcev and Pavol Jablonicky, Rockel grew up under communist rule.

Because of this Rockel was not aware of bodybuilding and other things of the outside world. This soon changed in 1989 when the Berlin Wall was taken down.

Ronny Rockel Bodybuilder

At seventeen years of age, 143 pounds decided that he wanted a body like Arnold Schwarzenegger's after seeing the film Conan the Barbarian, but at the time commercial gyms in his hometown of Chemnitz, East Germany, were non existent.

Instead of abandoning his interest in bodybuilding, he created his own weight set. Following the demise of communism, entrepreneurial activities in the East of Germany spawned and with that the first gym opened in Ronny's hometown. He soon joined and began absorbing information about diet and weight training from other members and fitness magazines.

At his first competition, the Hessian Championships, he placed last in his class. But he did not become discouraged, he came back a year later and won the 1995 NABBA German Nationals and placed third at the NABBA Mr. Universe. From then Rockel decided that he had the potential to become a professional bodybuilder. It was not until 2002 that Ronny Rockel achieved professional status by winning the International German Championships.

 After this victory he won a contract with a nutritional company and relocated with his girlfriend to Venice, California for some time while competing.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Robby Robinson The Black Prince

Famous Bodybuilder Robby Robinson

Robby Robinson

About Robby Robinson : Robby Robinson (born May 24, 1946) is an American former bodybuilder who won the IFBB Mr. America, Mr. World and Mr. Universe titles.

He was the Masters Olympia overall champion the first year that the event was held in 1994 and then went on to win the 50+ division at that same contest in both 1997 and 2000. His nickname is The Black Prince. Robinson was born in Damascus, Georgia, and raised in Tallahassee, Florida.

He attended Florida A&M University, where he competed in both football and track & field. While training for those sports he noticed his body's great responsiveness to weight training, which motivated him to enter his first bodybuilding competition. After competing in more than 300 amateur competitions, Robinson turned professional in 1975.

Robby Robinson Bodybuilder

Although it was to be his only exposure to the movie screen, Robby's first professional year in 1975 was chronicled in the cult classic Pumping Iron.

 Overall, he won numerous IFBB contests, including the first annual Night of the Champions in 1979 as well as the first Masters Olympia in 1994. As one of the famed Golden Age of Bodybuilding' bodybuilders who routinely worked out at Gold's Gym in Venice, California during the 70s, Robby was known as one who was never in off-season condition. Superbly built head-to-toe, his massive and extremely peaked arms became his trademark.

 It was noted in Arnold Schwarzenegger's book "The Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding", that Robinson has one biceps bigger than the other. Robinson sat for an exclusive "Legends of Bodybuilding" interview conducted by Rod Labbe in mid-2010.

The interview, which included current photographs of Robinson, ran in the January 2011 edition of Iron Man magazine. "A masterful piece of work," Robinson said. "I don't think I've ever done a better interview."

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