Brandon Curry

Brandon Curry

Brandon Curry is a genetically gifted professional bodybuilder from Tennessee, USA. In bodybuilding circles he received the nickname “The Prodigy”, which means “miracle”, “talent”.

Brandon was born on October 19, 1982 in Nashville, Tennessee. He has two younger sisters. Brandon since childhood was a sports guy, engaged in various kinds of sports – wrestling, sprinting and American football. At the age of 6, the boy received a set of dumb-bells from Hulk Hogan as a gift for his birthday and began to practice power training a little. His business was made and films about Terminator, Rambo and Rocky Marciano, young Brandon was seriously infatuated with bodybuilding. The football team, in which he played during his student years, twice in 2001 won in the state championships. However, Curry still left his team and was completely committed to bodybuilding. Already in 2003 he performed at the first amateur competitions “Supernatural Bodybuilding & Fitness Show” in lightweight, and immediately won. A year later, Brandon won the “MuscleMania Superbody” tournament among juniors. In 2005, Brandon Curry scored another victory – in the tournament “Collegiate Nationals” (NPC). In 2006, Curry became second at Junior Nationals. Its weight at that time was 86 kg. At the “US Championship” (NPC) in 2007, he came out heavier by 13 kg and took 2nd place in the heavyweight division. 2008 brought Brandon victory in this tournament in the heavy category and in the overall standings, as well as a professional card. After this tournament, the athlete took a time out and for two years did not perform, preparing himself for participation in professional shows. At that time, Curry already had a family. He and his wife, Miss Bikini of America, bring up two children.

Brandon Curry Famous BodybuilderIn 2010, Brandon made his debut on the professional stage of the championship “Tampa Bay Pro” (IFBB), where he took 6th place, it was a good start to his professional career. At the tournament “Europe Supershow” of the same year, Curry took eighth place. In 2010, Brandon came to Russia to participate in the tournament “Grand Prix Cupid”, which was held in Blagoveshchensk. Because of the terrorist attack in the Moscow metro, he wanted to abandon the trip, but still arrived at the tournament. Fight for the title he had with Oleg Emelyanov. The outcome of such a battle was a politically correct draw. With his visit to Russia, Brandon was pleased, noting the hospitality of Russians and the vast expanses of the country.

In 2011, Brandon Curry took third place at the Toronto / Montreal Pro Championship, which allowed him to qualify as a participant in the main bodybuilding show – Mr. Olympia. In this tournament in 2011, Brandon took 8th place. This was a good indicator, because not every athlete can get into the top ten from the first time. At the 2012 Olympia, Brandon Curry failed to perform due to a back injury. At the “Olympia” in 2013, he was only at the 16th position. The only victory of Brandon Curry on the professional stage so far is the victory at the Arnold Classic” 2013 show, held in Basil, next year at the same tournament he was the eighth.

Brandon Curry BodybuildingBrandon Curry, like James (Flex) Lewis, trains with the world’s authoritative bodybuilding training and nutrition specialist Neil Hill, known under the pseudonym “Yoda.” Brandon is very fond to the “big three” exercises and the principle of progressive overload. Brandon Curry is training 4 times a week, each muscle group receives a load twice per week. This is different from the traditional pros working out one muscle group once a week. Training 4 days a week – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. All muscular groups are studied by him twice a week, but in different regimes. Training in one mode does not interfere with the restoration of elaborated muscular structures loaded in a different mode. So, on the first and third day he works on the chest, back and shoulders. However, on the first day the load is purely forceful (2-high-threshold glycolytic fibers are loaded with large weight training in a small number of repetitions), and on the third day the load is more traditional for bodybuilding (2-a glycolytic fibers are worked out with average weights of 8-12 repetitions ). On the second and fourth day, Brandon works out his legs and hands. On the second day he works for strength, on the fourth day – for “mass”.

The load on training days “on force” is cyclized. In the first week it is 5-7 sets of 4 repetitions, in the second week it is a “pyramid”, a repetition of 5/4/3/5/4/3. In the third week, too, “pyramid”, but the repetition of 3/2/1/3/2/1.

In the second type of training, they use the “rest-pause” principle. These days, Brandon performs 3 series: 10/5/5 (10 repetitions-pause, 5 repetitions-pause, 5 more repetitions), second series 8/4/4 and third 6/3/3.

After 3 weeks of training, he takes one week of rest for recovery.

Brandon Curry is young and full of energy, he continues his training.

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