The Barbarian Brothers

The Barbarian Brothers

Known around the world, the twin brothers David and Peter Paul were born on January 10, 1957, becoming the third and fourth child in the family. The homeland of the brothers is a small town called Hartford in the state of Connecticut USA.

Teenagers David and Peter were engaged in American football and wrestling, both sports demanded considerable physical strength and great muscle mass. Later the brothers switched exclusively to bodybuilding. It is known that at the age of 15, one of the brothers, David, with his own weight slightly more than 65 kg squeezed, lying on a bench, a bar weighing 136 kg. Becoming older, at the peak of his sports form, he already cope with a weight of 230 kg, while using a reverse grip.

In the late seventies the young brothers David and Peter Paul opened their athletic gym with the talking title “House of Metal”. But after, they left their offspring and moved to the Mecca of bodybuilding – to California in search of glory.

In times of active training, the brothers trained in the famous Gold’s Gym hall under the leadership of Peter Grimkowski. From 1983 to 2005, the brothers starred in more than a dozen of movies, the most famous and popular for the Russian audience was the 1994 comedy film “Twin Sitters”. The unpretentious plot in many respects attracted attention thanks to two main characters, bodybuilders Davids and Peter Falcone (the names of the brothers in the picture were preserved).

About the participation of any of the brothers in bodybuilding competitions is not known, although as invited guests and awarding brothers David and Peter Paul are seen in a variety of competitions of the highest rank, including Arnold Classic and Mr. Olympia.

David Paul recently professionally engaged in photography, in addition to acting, he also writes music and poetry, plays the guitar. On his official site he presented a lot of photo work, including in the subject of bodybuilding, but not only. In turn, Peter also remained faithful to the acting profession, since 2005 he works as a presenter on television.

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