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Testosterone is an online store that deals in steroids. The online store offers different brands of generic steroids to its worldwide customers. Customers are provided with a wide range of choices to choose best and affordable testosterones for themselves.

Prices of these products are very affordable for the customers. The website offers these products on lower rates than other local pharmacies. For example, a 10 mL vial of Cypionat 250 is available at $55 while Propionat 100 is available at $42 per vial.

Customers who look to purchase on this website are allowed to make payments by credit card. The website provides secure transaction and safe refunds as well. If a product fails to deliver the satisfaction which the customer is looking for, the website provides a guaranteed refund or replacement. Customers can get online assistance to place their orders or track their shipment from 24 hours customer help and support via email or phone call.

Testosterone.to Customer Reviews

The website is having quite a number of feedback from the customers. Customer reviews and feedback vary in terms of the features of the website, yet the common thing about them was, they all were highly positive.

To start with, the website’s informative features have been complimented, which helped customers to evaluate each product in great detail. Furthermore, few customers mentioned that the price and availability of the products had attracted them to buy online from the website. Customer services staff has been greatly appreciated. The customers expressed their satisfaction on them due a great technical help and supports provided by them. Few customers wrote about fast and early shipments which not only made them surprised but also their parcels were delivered without being damaged. Few customers stated that they were quite happy to receive extra pills along with their original orders.

Almost every customer returned thanks on the results he achieved from the products. According to some, they felt young again. Few said that they would re-order those products just because their partners got satisfied. Customers express their gratitude, their feelings and their suggestions open heartedly which reflects that they have developed quite a trust on the website.

Testosterone.to Coupon Codes

Not only due to prices and variety of products, but also due to discounts and special deals it offers, the website seems to increase a number of visitors and customers online. Some of its deals and packages to save money are mentioned below:

  • Free deals. Customers are offered with a lot of free to get options. Customers are entitled to have free shipping on the purchase of more than 170 pills. Customers can also have free Viagra pills on purchasing more than 20 pills at once. For example, they can have 4 pills for free on purchasing 20 pills package, 10 free pills on purchasing more than 60 pills and 20 pills for free on purchasing more than 100 pills at a time.
  • Discounts. Like free deals, the website provides money saving opportunities as well. Customers can avail 5 % discount on placing second order and 7% on third order.


Testosterone.to is an online pharmacy which provides wide range of testosterone steroids online to the customers worldwide. Prices of these steroids are very affordable and people can also get lucrative discounts on them. Apart from discounts, customers can also get free delivery and extra pills. Payment options are secure and verified. Customer services, online support and shipping options are remarkable. Customers are gaining in trust and showing their intent to refer their friends as well. The company deserves a rating of 5 out of 5 based on their customer satisfaction.

Testosterone.to Review – 5 out of 5 stars by RxBodybuilders