Rapid-Fire Training

rapid fire training

Q: I’m trying to lose some body fat. I want to get really ripped and stay that way all year round. Is there any exercise routine I can try besides standard aerobics?

A: There’s one technique that provides all the benefits of aerobics and will keep you lean and mean all the time. It’s called Rapid-Fire Training and it guarantees you will never leave the gym without feeling annihilated and dripping with sweat. Rapid-Fire Training isn’t some complex training system… it simply involves shortening rest periods between sets and increasing the overall intensity of your workout.

Warm-up for 10 minutes on the treadmill or bike. Just get some blood moving (if you use thermogenics, this gives them some time to kick in). Then give yourself 40-45 minutes to do all of your training and you should start busting your ass. Do as many sets of as many different exercises as you can in that time frame (for whichever bodyparts you’re training). You can use supersets, giant sets, drop sets or whatever, just make sure you keep moving and don’t rest more than 20 seconds between exercises. But don’t think this is an excuse to use light weights. Use the heaviest weights you can handle on every set.

When you first try Rapid-Fire Training you’re going to be winded. But soon, your system will adapt and you’ll be able to maintain these intense training sessions easier. Quickly you’ll find you can lift some impressive poundage’s with very little rest between sets — no more 5 minute recuperation periods for you.

If you’re just starting out, I suggest alternating this kind of training with slower, more methodical sessions or just take a rest day every 3 days to recover. I guarantee Rapid-Fire Training will add slabs of new quality muscle to your frame, while shedding the body fat blurring the deep striations of a well developed physique, and turn you into a lean machine permanently.

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