Abdominal Training Tips From Bodybuilding Pros

abdominals workout

Getting back your lean, attractive body requires both exercise and diet. The muscles of the abdominal wall are of great concern to bodybuilders because they provide the anchor on which all the limbs are attached. Consistent abdominal exercises will greatly increase your chances of ‘getting there’ as far as bodybuilding is concerned.

Many easy exercises are very common even among amateur bodybuilders. What is very crucial is for one to follow the same order throughout the exercises. Firstly, head lifting acts as an introduction or a warming workout. The next level involves the shoulder lifts which are meant to make the upper part of the trunk get used to the more vigorous exercises in the near future. After that curl-ups are introduced and their role is to instil confidence in the bodybuilder as well as enable him develop the right posture for all activities. The final and most intensive part is called the abdominal crunch.

Equipment for Abs exercise
You should wear comfortable attire, footwear and a workout mat or any cushioned carpet. There is no limitation to the variety from where you can choose these equipment. It all depends to personal taste. The important factors to consider are comfort and safety.

The schedule for Abs exercise
Basically professional bodybuilders ought to do at least 10 complete repetitions for each level throughout the whole exercise. The idea is to strive for consistency and progress.

The procedure for the Abs exercises

1.The head workout
It involves lying on your back while the arms are parallel to your body. Slowly start bending your knees until you are able to make the feet lie flat on the floor. Breathe inwards while keeping your abdominal wall relaxed. Lift your head as you slowly exhale. Lower your head as you inhale once again.

2.The shoulder workout
It follows the same procedure as the head workout, only that now you must raise both the head and the shoulder as high as possible.

3. The abdominal muscle curl-ups
The bodybuilder should be familiar with the shoulder workout. In fact, it at first involves the procedures of the shoulder workouts. After this you need to reach the arm-length and then slowly raising your trunk until it forms 45 degrees between the legs and the exercise mat or the surface. Never stretch your neck to a point where your body balance is compromised, all in the name of daring. Make sure that you repeat this exercise 25 times.

4. The abdominal workout
The aim of these exercises for bodybuilders is to develop and strengthen the muscle groups of the abdominal walls. A success of a bodybuilder is mainly hinged on a strong muscular framework of the torso. The important of this workout cannot be gainsaid. there are those of us with an ugly protruding stomach. They are easily strengthened using this workout. Lie flat on the floor. Let the lower parts of the legs lie against the floor in a parallel position. Let your arms lie on your side and then start inhaling while raising your shoulder as if you want to look straight ahead. Exhale and go back to starting posture. Make as many reps as you can.

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