Commandments Of Bodybuilding Training

bodybuilding rules

Many rules have been laid down in body building but they have been compromised due to lack of devotees in the same set rules. They are very many, since the individuals also set their own apart from the gym ones. But there are 5 specific commandments that one should make in bodybuilding if at all success is anything to go by.

Thou shall not train or plan for more than two to three days in a row. This is a strict rule that every bodybuilder should abide to however demanding it may be. The reason as to why one should follow this is simple, when one exercises for two days consecutively and goes through vigorous workouts the body is very much fatigued. It dawns on someone that he or she may not make it to the gym for the next day with the body too much exhausted and having a sickly nature. By resting for the third day, it gives the body time to rest and works as the recovery process. Once the body rests it also energizes and can make an individual fit for another days exercise.

Thou shall not work out more thirty work sets for every work out. The reason behind this is because the excess straining of muscles causes them to wear out at an alarming rate and this is not healthy for the individual’s body. Too much of everything is always poisonous and if anyone assumes this rule, he or she can burn out very easily and in the process fail to recover for any more workouts. At least few workouts for any single set are preferred and are enough for muscles to adjust.

Do not forget a protein drink after every workout. The reason behind this is just for the recovery process. The protein drink also adds energy to the body and is used to repair the worn out tissues giving it a better recovery. This also fastens the muscle build up since it is directly absorbed in the body.

Always keep the cruise on control. In this regard no matter what make sure the body is cool during the day for its normal functioning. By reducing the amount of heat in the body one avoids a lot of water wasted through sweating and evaporation which helps the body to maintain its normal temperature and have the normal body metabolism. This can be done through taking lots of water to cool the body down and this is very important for healthy body building.

Eat progressively preferable four to five times in a day. This helps the body to consume and digest the food in a normal state and always maintaining the availability of enough energy within the body without exhausting the one for the recovery process. Any body builder should not consume heavy amounts of food at once as this makes it harder for digestion process and overloads the body which is not healthy.

Once a person understands these rule then following them becomes easy and allows healthy body building.

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