Bodybuilding Training Guide: 40-minute Back Day Blitz

40 minute back day blitz

In this world, time is the ultimate resource. You can always make more money, meet new friends, and find just about another resource through a combination of good luck and hard work. Time, however, is the one thing that is ultimately finite for all, and eventually, unfortunately, we will all run out of it! Barring all of this serious stuff, bodybuilding training is also affected in a major way by our time limitations. Sure, we have all seen the clips of professional bodybuilders training for two hours per day. Toss in time for cooking meals and taking showers, and you wonder how any of them have time for a job or social life! The truth is that many of these men don’t hold regular 40-hour per week jobs, which affords them the luxury of training for such a long time each day. For the rest of us, however, this might not be an option. So, we have to resort to short, fast, and effective training protocols which allow us maximum muscle group stimulation with minimal time devotion. Here is one such routine for back which allows one to hit all of the areas of the back with only 40 minutes of time.

Wide-grip Hammer Strength Pull-Ups

wide grip hammer strength pull upsThis movement is preferable for a quick back workout. Sure, standard cable pulldowns and body weight pull-ups are probably going to stimulate more muscle fibers. However, they will also require more time for breaks between sets. You only have 40 minutes, which equates to about 10 minutes per exercise. Since you’re aiming for 4 sets per exercise, you definitely need to move through the sets quickly. That is why these isolation movements are important for these quick movements.

Dumbbell Rows

dumbbell rowsIt’s time to get to the meat and potatoes of your training day. This will be one of the two primary mass movements of this day. Keep the repetitions slow and precise, and limit your breaks to 90 seconds maximum. Rep range should be 12 to 15 per set. You want your upper lats to be flaring after this set. You should a Google search for “Joel Stubbs” if you need any help with the visual image of lat muscles that literally hang off the bone!

Cable Rowing

cable rowingSit down, grab the handle, and don’t let go until you’ve completed 50 repetitions! You can use a very moderate weight, and allow the weight to hang for a nice deep stretch as you rest. The entire set will take only 2 to 3 minutes, but your upper lats will be on fire when you are finished!

Rack Deadlifts

rack deadliftsHyperextensions may be easier and allow for a bit less rest between sets (one of the goals of this training day), but nothing builds up the beef of the back like deadlifts. Instead of spending 3 to 4 minutes recovering on the floor from each set of full-out deadlifts, opt for 90 seconds of rest following equally heavy (or heavier!) deadlifts with a much shorter range of motion thanks to the nature of the rack bringing the floor closer to your barbell.

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