Nasser El Sonbaty

Nasser El Sonbaty

Nasser El Sonbaty was born on October 15, 1965 in Stuttgart (Germany). Half an Egyptian, half a Croat – perhaps that’s why Nasser grew up a very capable child. They say that mixing blood is almost always successful. The boy was very well educated, realizing that education is the only “ticket to a great life.” The excellent ending of the gymnasium allowed him to continue his studies at the University of Augsburg. Sonbaty is called one of the most colorful figures of bodybuilding – and not for nothing! Nasser is the owner of not only a beautiful muscular form, but also has scientific degrees in history, political science and sociology. In addition, the athlete is fluent in seven languages. The most valuable thing in Nasser’s life is his health (his and his relatives). According to the bodybuilder, without such capital as health, you will not save up anything else. That’s why he never risked health for a sports career.

He started to play sports as a child. Football, rowing, swimming, wrestling – the future bodybuilder grew up as a truly active child. But bodybuilding in adolescence, he did not like. Already a student, he was drawn into training, a couple of times, out of pure interest, looking into the nearest gym. Nasser was gifted from nature – the muscles began to grow, as in leaps and bounds! Such a high performance could not help turning the head of a young bodybuilder, and he decided to try his hand at competitions in Germany, but failed. The athlete did not despair and went to conquer Yugoslavia. It was here that the recognition came to him – Sonbaty became a professional IFBB.

For several years the bodybuilder was not lucky in nature – he did not get even among the top 15. And only on “Nights of Champions” Nasser was able to make a splash and take second place, second only to Mike Francos, with whom they later became good friends. From that day on, Sonbaty was talked about in the press and on television, but most importantly, he had the opportunity to take part in the competitions “Mr. Olympia.” The seventh place on “Olympia” was inspired by the sportsman, forcing with a head to leave in trainings. In May of the following year, 121.5 kg of Nasser El Sonbaty muscles were presented for the Houston Pro competition. The amazed judges could not give him victory.

The victory won by “Champions Nights” (three weeks after Houston) made Sonbaty one of the main favorites for the upcoming Olympia. But the “divine peak” remained unconquered – Nasser gave way to Dorian Yates and Kevin Levrone. Competitions left a very ambivalent impression on Sonbaty: on the one hand, the third place on Olympia should be proud, and on the other hand, he felt that he could become the first. However, from the athlete’s side, not a single remark was made towards judges or rivals. Nasser earned a reputation as a true gentleman. Before the next Olympia, Sonbaty fanatically swung his back, which many called his weak spot, but again took third place. The amazed spectators expressed their indignation at the competitions, while Nasser did not reassure them. He was able to withstand the blows of fate steadfastly, and they did not keep themselves waiting long. After a series of triumphant performances (in the Czech Republic, Switzerland and Russia), the athlete was announced to cancel his results at Olympia, as the blood test gave a positive result for diuretics.

And only in the following year, Sonbaty’s patience burst. After losing at the Arnold Classic tournament he unsubscribed on the winner’s website (Flex Wheeler), sharply speaking about many opponents. Nasser listed several “Olympians”, focusing on their “weak spots” and outraged by the fact that they still won a victory. The main idea of ​​the message was that no one talks about the weak points of the athlete, while he himself keeps quiet about them. Well, from that moment on, Sonbaty decided to follow the example of the others and assume that he has no weak points. Perhaps the performance had a peculiar effect of a slowed-down bomb. Despite the fact that at Olympia-97 Sonbaty clearly looked worse than before, he took second place.

According to numerous foreign sources on March 21, 2013 Nasser El Sonbaty died of kidney failure.

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