Kai Greene

Kai Greene

I was born on July 12th in Brooklyn, New York. At six years, because of the problem situation in the family, I was given up under the tutelage of the state. For the next ten years I constantly moved – I had several foster parents. Such a situation was pressing on me, but I found a way to distract myself – exercise with weights. Deep in my soul was hidden a lot of talent, but most of all I wanted to become an artist.

Two of my inner world eventually met and joined together. I became an artist. I used my own body like a canvas, creating works of art that eventually became more and more detailed and complex.

An English teacher in the 7th grade noticed my rapid growth and development. Since my behavior at school left much to be desired, the teachers decided to send me to sports competitions. Knowing that I could surpass all peers and flaunt a beautiful figure, I went headlong into bodybuilding, and soon went beyond the usual framework and standards of athletes of my age. All this helped me to gain self-confidence and belief in the ability to compete successfully with other athletes. My school years I spent on trips to various competitions, and won the highest places among adolescents. After receiving the second more or less prestigious title, I decided to pause, to work hard on myself and again appear on stage as a completely new bodybuilder, which no one has ever seen before.

And I started studying at 5th Avenue Gym. It was in this small basement gym in Brooklyn (New York) that I met some of the most impressive athletes I saw. It was here that I got the necessary knowledge, which already now gives me the opportunity to fight with the best athletes of the world. This place became my home, I learned a lot there.

I was not yet 19 when I got the professional status in my bodybuilding federation. I was proud of myself because I did not use doping and “steroids“, and I hoped that I could become the youngest professional bodybuilder in the world. Having obtained professional status, I began to strive for victories with double enthusiasm. I won all the competitions that the organization offered me. In the summer of 1997, I aimed to get the status of a professional IFBB. Turning to the Federation, I found out that in order to get it, I need to first prepare through their amateur organization called NPC.

My successes in sports career in the NPC were not permanent. I have made it my goal to win the Team Universe and to acquire the professional status of the IFBB through the Amateur World Championship. In 1999, after two unsuccessful attempts, I won a heavy competition and received the absolute title of Team Universe, and I was invited to participate in the World Championship in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Frankly, I was very disappointed that I got the 4th place among the best bodybuilders in the world. I took a four-year pause to regroup and continue endless training and improvement. I was determined to take my rightful place in the professional category.

However, the opponents said that I would not be able to fulfill my dream, and I began to believe them. I went back to school and focused on developing my talent as an artist, continuing to use my own body as an artistic tool. I continued to do what I always liked and gave a sense of stability; I worked hard and constantly, but not for the purpose of achieving something, but for my peace of mind.

In 2004, I learned that NPC Team Universe became responsible for the qualification of professional athletes for the IFBB. Although I was away from the stage for five years, I stated that I was returning to leave the title of the absolute champion of Team Universe and make my way to professional IFBB competitions. For this, I came from Jacksonville to New York, to the Tribeca Performing Arts center, to show my achievements. On August 8, 2004, by unanimous decision of the judges, I became the winner of the heavyweight championship. My day is finally here. After 16 years, I finally moved to the professional category of the IFBB.

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