Larry Scott

Larry Scott

Larry Scott, an example for imitation of many fans of bodybuilding, was born on October 12, 1938 in Idaho (USA). As a child, Larry had a fragile physique and in terms of “size” was inferior to many of his friends. The boy also developed very slowly, and when he was the only one in the company of friends, who had not yet begun to break his voice, Larry realized that only a miracle could change his fate. Such a miracle became bodybuilding.

When Larry was 16, during the spring harvest he found a stack of old magazines, one of which was a magazine about bodybuilding. Next to the picture of George Paine, pictured on the cover, was the inscription: “You can achieve the same results in just 30 days.” Larry swallowed the magazine literally. The young man began active training, following the recommendations of the articles, and by the end of the summer reached the circumference of his hands equal to 30 centimeters. Larry was impressed with the result and decided at all costs to continue training. At that time, the attitude towards bodybuilding was somewhat different than today. There was no famous “Synthol” yet, and steroids hardly appeared and were used in minimal doses. Bodybuilders simply believed that bodybuilding is omnipotent when it comes to physical fitness. Perhaps it was this belief combined with a unique dedication that helped Larry to achieve such amazing results. According to Larry, he already imagined how luxurious women would go crazy over his muscles on the shores of sunny California.

But one day it seemed to be dawning – for this you need something more than amateur bodybuilding training. The young man decided to go to the College of Aeronautics in California. Not far from the college was just the Wellness Center of Bert Goodrich. There, Larry continued his training. Soon the young athlete took the third place in the competition, “Mr. Los Angeles.” The next “on the list” was “Mr. California.” Larry did not have high hopes for victory, but believed that he was simply obliged to participate, and it would be good if he took at least 5 th place. When they began to announce the names of the winners, the name of Scott did not sound the 5th, it did not sound either 4th or 3rd, and Larry was already completely depressed when the judges declared him the winner.

This victory brought Scott one step closer to his childhood dream of winning the “Mr. America” ​​competition. For 6 years, already a professional IFBB, Larry traveled throughout America, participating in competitions, but to this day the most exciting he considers his first victory in the Mr. Olympia in 1965. Success was fixed in 1966, when Scott again took first place.

“The secret” of his success, Larry calls persistence. He tried and rejected many methods of pumping hands, until he developed his own, called “Scott’s bench.” The athlete himself calls his invention a “music stand”. Another secret is full visualization of the set. According to Larry, he always scrolled in the imagination what he was going to do in training, all to the smallest detail.

To everyone’s regret, on March 8, 2014 Larry passed away… The last years of his life he suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. Larry Scott left a bright mark in the history of bodybuilding and will forever remain the legend of this sport.

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