Michal Kindred

Michal Kindred

About Michal Kindred : Michal Kindred (B. March 18, 1975 in Brno, Czech Republic) is an IFBB professional bodybuilder. Michal was born in the town of Brno in the Czech Republic. His father owned and operated a small gym there. This is where Michal grew up watching men change their bodies through hard work and determination. One day his father decided to put together a bodybuilding team. It amazed Michal how these men were able to change their bodies through weight training. This curiosity soon turned into desire to pursue the sport.

When Michal was 14 years old, Richard Cada, a good friend and successful bodybuilder, offered to start training Michal. He fell in love with the sport.

 He was on his way to his first competition, “The Strongest Kid”, where Michal took 1st place in 1990, 1991, & 1992. In 1992 Michal decided to try the Mr. Teen in the Czech Republic. Here Michal also placed 1st and repeated the same in 1993 & 1994. Then at the age of 19 he won the Junior Mr. Czech Republic and placed 2nd at the World’s Championships held in Turkey. In 1995 Michal was again training for the World Championships.

With 3 months left before the World’s Championships he was involved in a motorcycle accident that resulted in a broken spine in 3 different places. The doctors told him he would never compete again. After two years of recovery and rehabilitation, Michal fell victim to salmonella poisoning, resulting in the loss of 45 pounds. It was not until Michal moved to the U.S. in 2000 that he caught up with his old trainer, Richard Cada, and found the courage to try again.

Since then Michal has won both 1st place in the Light Heavy Weight class and the overall title at the Northwest Bodybuilding Championships in 2001 and again at the Emerald Cup Bodybuilding Championships in 2003.

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