Solutions For Dealing With Caffeine Withdrawal

Caffeine Withdrawal

Caffeine is one amazing drug. Used by 90% of the American population on a daily basis, it gives the body a boost and allows us to feel energetic even when we should not. Many bodybuilders use it for boosting their workouts. However soon it becomes more of a crutch than a training aid, and it’s time to take a break.

Assume you are trying to withdraw from a daily dose of 400 milligrams. This would be divided into a morning dose of 200 mg (one yellow pill) followed by an identical late afternoon dose. This could be coupled with ephedrine and aspirin for the very effective ECA stack, or it could be alone. Regardless, withdrawing from caffeine is no easy task. You will experience some serious side effects, and it will be a process lasting about two weeks. When you are completely off caffeine, you will feel better, breathe better, and have a far higher quality of life.

Get a nice Tupperware container for your caffeine. You will need this because you are going to start breaking off small pieces of your daily caffeine pill. Use a small butter knife or cleaned coin to chisel off a section of the caffeine. Start with 10% of the 2000 mg pill. Your body will not miss it. Every 3 days, chisel another 10% off of the pill. In a few weeks, you’ll be down to taking just a very small sliver of pill. Use soda to supplement your withdrawal. Typically, the biggest two side effects will be extreme sleepiness and headaches. Both will subside with time.

Caffeine is an unregulated drug, and as a result you will often find children as young as 5 or 10 years old suffering from caffeine dependency. For adults, many of whom have consumed coffee or soda every day for 30 to 40 years, the prospect of ending caffeine usage seems beyond ridiculous. However, it can be done. The resulting improvement of life which comes from the expanded blood oxygen capacity will leave you feeling stronger, breathing better, and able to better complete many daily tasks without tiring. You will sleep better at night, and napping will come easily.

Remember that caffeine is a drug which many people become addicted to gradually, without even knowing. Suddenly they miss a day of morning coffee, and they suffer from unbearable headaches, and they don’t know why. They are addicted. Gradual withdrawal is the key to completely breaking caffeine’s grasp. Remember it is a supplement, and like most supplements, cycling use and carefully removing it from your regimen is advised.

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