Full Body Bodybuilding Training In 150 Minutes Per Week

full body training

Time is tight at the moment. You’ve done everything you can, but you just cannot break out of the demanding work schedule they have for you. The good news is that you’re piling up the money in these tough economic times. You have to pursue these opportunities. The bad news is that it’s costing you a great deal of time in the gym. At the very best, you can squeeze in thirty minutes per day, for 5 days. This isn’t making it easy to train high volume as you prefer, but you’re okay with backing off the volume if it means you can use more weight when training. Here are some brief workouts you can employ to effectively train a muscle group completely in about thirty minutes.

Chest day

Jump on the first incline bench press you see, and warm up with as many reps as you can compete with 135 pounds. From there, start piling on the plates and nail down 3 heavy sets. Jump over to the flat bench, where you will complete three sets of heavy flat dumbbell presses. From there, move to the incline bench and complete as many sets of incline dumbbell flyes as possible until the clock hits 30 minutes!

Back day

You can complete the first two movements in the power cage. Start with ten minutes of heavy deadlifts. Then, move to ten minutes of heavy barbell rows. After that, jump on the chin bar and complete as many repetitions as you can complete in ten minutes, regardless of how many sets that involves.

Shoulder day

You have three areas of the shoulders (front, side, and rear deltoids), but they don’t deserve proportionate attention. Give 12 minutes to the front delts, with movements such as seated dumbbell presses or barbell front raises. After that, it’s 9 minutes for dumbbell side raises, then another 9 minutes for bent over dumbbell raises or reverse-grip peck deck machine for rear deltoids. Complete shoulder pump in only 30 minutes!

Arm day

It’s time to go nuts in the dumbbell area. Combine biceps and triceps training using supersets. One set of dumbbell curls, followed by one set of triceps dumbbell presses behind the head. After three sets of those, move to standing barbell curls, coupled with skull crushers. After that, it’s all the cable work you can complete in what is left of the 30 minutes.

Leg day

Three sets heavy squats. Three sets hamstring leg curls. Three sets calf raises. Then run for the door!
Time is of the essence, so there is no time for chit chat in the gym. Put on headphones, leave your cell phone in your locker, and don’t think about anything but the compound movements you need to complete in the next 30 minutes. After that, you have 23 and one-half hours until you must return to the gym to hit these body parts again. If you have a home gym, you may be able to spend a little more time training, as you can complete other tasks such as chores or email work as you work. Good luck, and keep an eye on the clock at all times!

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