Mike Matarazzo

Mike Matarazzo

The infamous bodybuilder Mike Matarazzo was born on November 8, 1965 in Boston. Mike from childhood was distinguished by extraordinary charisma and friendliness. He attracted people’s attention not only with his artistry and humor, but also with excellent physical data. The guy in his childhood was carried away by boxing, and at a fairly serious level.

But Mike was not one of those people who concentrate all his attention on one thing. It was not enough just a boxing career, in addition to it, he was actively engaged in the gym. He set several records of his city on a bench press and squats with a barbell. Matarazzo was not one of those who considered using steroids as a negative matter and took them for an early build of muscle mass. It is worth saying that with his busy schedule of training it was simply impossible to limit himself to his own potential. Therefore, steroids were for Mike rather a necessity than a whim.

Meanwhile, Mike‘s boxing career continued to go up. The audience was very fond of him for the colorful and spectacular fights, where Matarazzo always used all his artistic talents. He also amazed with his perfect forms, which suited the bodybuilder more than the boxer.

In 1989, Mike decided to try himself in this role, taking part in the bodybuilding tournament in Massachusetts. The judges gave victory to Mike, thereby determining his future fate. Matarazzo moved to California, where he became the face of one of the pharmaceutical companies. In 1991, Mike becomes the US bodybuilding champion and decides to leave boxing, completely giving himself up to a new kind of sport for himself.

Matarazzo performed until 1997 with varying success, but over the years, thanks to his external data and cheerful disposition, he became a real idol for thousands of fans. His photos have been on the covers of almost all sports magazines, and posters with his image adorn many gyms and still.

In 1997, doctors discovered that Mike had problems with blood conductivity and “planted” it on special preparations. However, a dedicated Matarazzo did not even dwell on what has been achieved. He continued training with the same intensity and next year reached the highest point of his success – he entered the top 10 of the bodybuilders, finishing 9th at the Olympia 1998.

But, despite the “iron” nature of Mike, the heart worried him more and more often. In 2004, Matarazzo underwent a shunt – an open heart surgery because of blockage of the arteries. This put an end to his further career as an athlete. No matter how sorry, Mike had to leave a big sport for good. He engaged in money loans, acting as a guarantor. In early November 2007, Mike Matarazzo was again hospitalized this time with a heart attack. His coronary artery was completely blocked and Mike was introduced with an artificial defibrillator, which started the heart.

Until the last day Mike lived in the city of Modesto, California, and did not wait for his turn to heart transplant.

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