John Grimek

John Grimek

Grimek‘s first tournament in powerlifting was held in 1934. There this athlete took first place, gaining a total of 322 kilograms (the sum of three movements). In the same year he tried to perform at the national tournament in Brooklyn, where he was able to shake from the chest standing 110 kilograms. It was the best bench press at that time, but he did not win, as he was not well prepared in the push and jerk of the bar.

Already in 1936, he was able to squeeze out 130 pounds from his chest at the National Tournament in Philadelphia, a snatch in 100 kilograms and a push of 140 kilograms. This was enough to win the heavyweight title. It was a national record.

A little later in the same year 1936, the athlete took part in the Olympic Games, which took place in Germany. Despite the fact that he did not win the prize, John scored a kilogram, which exceeded the number of any other American in this tournament.

A little later the athlete decided that it was better to perform in weightlifting in the middle weight category.

In 1940, he performed at another weightlifting tournament, which was held at Madison Square Garden. Then the athlete shook standing from his chest 130 kilograms, made a jerk with 114 kilograms and pushed 147 kilograms. Despite such figures, which became for the athlete a record, he took only the third place. But before this tournament in 1939, John won the first place in the bodybuilding contest, which was called “York Perfect Man”. He liked it, and in the same 1940, he became Mister America, winning the title of the most muscular athlete.

From this moment began his career as a bodybuilder. In 1941, the athlete won the second time at the “Mr. America” ​​competition. The AAU Federation made a rule that prohibited the winner from participating in the same tournament the following year. So John decided to attend on Mr. Universe in 1947, but the federation did not allow him to the tournament, saying that he is a professional bodybuilder because of his contract with York Barbell. But in 1948 the tournament Mr. Universe began to hold for both amateurs and professionals. Among professionals, John Grimek won.

On November 24, 1998, John Grimek died at the age of 88. The great athlete became invincible in the field of bodybuilding.

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