Brown Rice Vs White Rice

brown rice vs white rice

When it comes to bodybuilding staples, after your go-to protein sources I.E chicken breast, whey powder, casein, lean steak, turkey, white fish, eggs, and soya, you also of course have staple carbohydrate sources as well. Carbohydrates play a vital role in many bodybuilder’s diets and nutritional regimes, yet a lot of them find themselves sticking with the same carbohydrate sources day in and day out. In terms of everyday carb sources, for example, rice is, without question, one of the most common and popular food examples you’re ever likely to encounter. However, opinions on rice appear to be split right down the middle, as some people swear by white rice, whilst other swear by brown rice. It’s very rare that you’ll find a bodybuilder that mixes and matches both white, and brown rice, which is why we’ll be taking an in-depth look at Brown rice Vs White rice right now. Many a heated debate on various health and fitness forums online, have been triggered by this very subject, so to help clear things up once and for all, here’s a detailed look at Brown rice Vs White rice, listing the various pros and cons of each food source, to give you an idea of which, if any, is considered the most beneficial.

Glycemic Indexes

Arguably the biggest thing that sets white rice apart from brown rice, is the G.I (Glycemic Index). Basically, the G.I of a food will classify it based upon exactly how fast, and by how much, these foods raise a person’s blood sugar level. The higher a food happens to be in regards to its G.I the quicker the body can digest it and break it down, meaning that it will raise the body’s blood sugar levels, and will do so quickly in the process. because of this, controlling G.I levels in the body is considered a great way of helping to control hunger, as well as body fat percentages in the process. What does this have to do with Brown rice VS White rice? Well, put simply, both types of rice have very contrasting glycemic indexes, with white rice having a much higher G.I than brown rice. Because of this, brown rice is certainly considered much healthier than white rice, although white rice certainly also has its uses, particularly from a bodybuilding standpoint, and it is far from considered unhealthy.

Benefits of White Rice

As mentioned, although brown rice is certainly the healthier of the two, white rice still has its uses and its place in your diet, particularly if you’re looking to stimulate increased muscle growth and repair. Here’s a look at three of the main benefits of white rice:

Fast Release Energy

If you’re looking for a pre-workout snack or meal that provides you with a quick burst of energy without leaving you feeling bloated or lethargic, white rice is ideal. Because of its G.I it is digested and absorbed much quicker than brown rice, meaning that it can get to work much faster, providing you with some much-needed energy right before, and during, the time you hit the gym.

Post-workout Gains

Another great benefit of white rice, is the fact that, providing you consume it quickly enough after you workout, because it is considered a simple carb because of its G.I it can actually spike your insulin levels, which in turn will help to shuttle more nutrients into your muscles after your workout, in that all important “anabolic window” which lasts for around one hour after your workout.

Cooks Quicker

Another benefit of white rice is the fact that it cooks much quicker than brown rice, which is ideal for times when you don’t have a lot of time on your side. Brown rice takes more than twice as long to cook than white rice, which can be annoying if you are in a rush, or if you do need to eat sooner rather than later.

Benefits Of Brown Rice

Now that we’ve looked at white rice, we’ll now take a more detailed look at brown rice, and exactly what it is that makes it so much much healthier than white rice.

It Is Packed Full Of Selenium

One of the first benefits of brown rice, is the fact that it is packed full of minerals, including selenium, which greatly reduces your risks of developing cancer, arthritis, and heart disease, amongst others.

It Boosts The Immune System

As well as being rich in minerals, it is also packed full of vitamins and antioxidants as well, including B vitamins and folate. The immune system is stronger and healthier when it has more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, and as brown rice is rich in all of the above, it is ideal for helping to keep you fitter and healthier.

It’s Rich In Fiber

Another great health benefit of brown rice is the fact that it is rich in fiber, which helps to promote healthy digestion, helps protect against various cancers (bowel, stomach, colon, etc.), helps to lower LDL cholesterol, thus helping to protect against hypertension and heart disease, and it even helps to keep you feeling full for longer, so it can help with weight loss.

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