The Best Time to Exercise

Training Time

This is an article on how to use the biorhythm for the benefit of muscle growth and development. Here are several interesting facts on how to choose the best time for training.

  • Your circadian rhythm – a 24-hour cycle of biological activity which is  set your internal clock. Change of sleep and wakefulness is one of the processes defined by your circadian rhythm
  • The level of hormones in your body and the change in body temperature is subject to circadian rhythm. The combination of these indicators, leading to the peak of physical activity, as well as for optimal learning occurs in the middle of the day and evening
  • The best time for effective training is usually between 14:30 and 20:30 hours, if you have a regular sleep
  • You can determine the optimum time for training, monitoring your heart rate during the day
  • If you cannot train at the optimal period of the day, you can train in the early morning, stimulating the body with caffeine. However, it should be done with care!

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