How To Maximize Muscle Gains On Your Bench Press

how to maximize muscle gains on your bench press

Bench presses are some of the most important exercises in body building and they should be maximized in terms of performance. This is why a body builder must suit himself and be prepared to workout on bench presses intensively just to make sure their chest and arms are well developed. It is a type of training which is mostly used by body builders bearing in mind that, it is used to tone the most observable parts of the body. All this means that, you should learn how to practice on a bench press and how to fully benefit from the training.

Increasing the bench press poundage means that, you should forget concentrating on the strict isolation and put more focus on developing more power in the body muscles. All this leads to the point that, you must always use your entire muscle groups in lifting your weight and this leads to the involvement of compound exercises. Compound exercises are the one which help in working out more than one muscle group of a body builder and they serve well though they need a lot of energy.

The main query when it comes to using the bench press lies on the positioning of the bench. The best way to approach this is by putting yourself on the particular bench and try arching the back to the extreme and ensuring that, the head, shoulders and butt are strictly kept on the bench. This position lessens the entire distance which the bar must complete in travel and it also allows both legs to drive the individual shoulders into the particular bench for a generation of more power. When doing all these, the feet should be laid flat on the floor with the shoulder place at a width apart. The next step will involve, grabbing a distance wider than the width of the shoulder. Ensure that you tighten the entire body and maintain a squeeze on the shoulder blades both behind you. A better relaxation will be maintained, when you flex the butt and press the feet directly into the floor.

This training is difficult and cannot be complete fully without some assistance which is why you need to get a spotter who will help you to lift the specified weight off the placement rack. By lifting the weight on yourself, there are chances of causing injuries and you may end up loosing and wasting energy resources before the weight gets in the best and right position. When being assisted, grip the bar in a firm state and fully tuck the chin into the upper chest. When the weight is up, you have to feel the strain and hold for few moments and this is what will determine the level of workouts on the muscles. Make sure that, when lowering the weight, the same principle of assistance is upheld to avoid any damages on the muscles. One important principle when using bench presses, take a long and extended rest after any workout since the process involves a lot of energy use which has to be replenished during rest time.