Serge Nubret

Serge Nubret

Legendary French bodybuilder nicknamed “Black Panther”, actor and writer Serge Nubret was born on October 6, 1938 in a small colony called Anse-Bertrand, Guadeloupe. The population of his home town was only 7000 people. In 1950, his family relocated to the suburbs of Paris with hope for the best and settled in the town of Joinville-le-Pont. Here Serge graduates from high school and begins to get involved in sports.

The guy very quickly discovered a huge physical potential, which required its development. His muscles grew at an astonishing speed and took the most correct and flawless outlines. It is at this moment that Nubret decides to dedicate her life to bodybuilding. Later, in his book “I … I and God,” Serge describes his decision as follows: “I realized that God Himself endowed me with an exceptional ability for training and at the same time, assigned me the responsibility to become a champion. So I made bodybuilding the meaning of my life.” In the same year, 1958, he moved back to Guadeloupe to avoid being drafted into the French army, which was preparing for the Algerian war. His father learns about his son’s decision to seriously engage in bodybuilding and in every way protests against it. For him, such a son’s career looked completely unprofitable, without any financial stability. But Nubret was adamant and continued the business started.

After coming to his native land it took him only three months of training to take part in the tournament of Mr. Guadeloupe and win it. Next year again brings Serge the champion title of his country. In 1960, Nubret was asked to speak for Guadeloupe in Montreal at a championship organized by the International Bodybuilding Federation. There, Nubret receives the title “The Most Muscular Man in the World”. However, after the end of the tournament, he is not going to return to his homeland, but accepts the offer of the Italian director to star in the film “Return of the Titans”, which marks the beginning of his acting career. In his entire life, Serge has appeared in 25 films and television series.

His participation in the film “Swinging Iron” is most notable, describing the events that took place around the 1975 Olympics tournament, where the prizes were distributed among Arnold Schwarzenegger, Serge Nubret and Lou Ferrigno. His reflections on this tournament, where there were literally three legends of bodybuilding, Nubret also stated in his book “I … I and God.” By the way, unlike most bodybuilders, Nubret always continued to work hard until the very performance, not giving himself any rest.

From 1970 to 1975, Serge Nubret was vice-president of the IFBB Europe, and in 1976 founded his WABBA federation. And having finished his career at the IFBB, he continued to perform at the WABBA until 1984, when he won his last World Champion title. In the future he continued to work on bodybuilding, not forgetting to keep himself in excellent shape.

In 2006, at the age of 68, Nubret wrote the very book “I … I and God” collaborating with Louis-Xavier Babin Lachad. This is his autobiography, which not only describes his life, but also reflects Nybre’s reflections on sport, a useful waste of time, the Christian faith and much more. The main idea that Nubret wanted to convey to the reader in this book is the desire to always go forward, never giving up.

In 2009, his second work, “Young Seventy Years,” which is released on the day when it becomes known that Serge Nubret suffered a stroke, is published. Immediately there was a lot of rumors that he was allegedly poisoned by his own relatives in order to inherit the wealthy state of Serge. However, doctors did not confirm this version.

In March 2009, Nubret falls into a coma and is in a vegetative state until his death on April 19, 2011 at the age of 72 years. Serge Nubret was not just an outstanding bodybuilder, but a man of a much larger scale. For his long life he embodied himself in completely different hypostases and clearly demonstrated to all that it is really impossible for a purposeful person.

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