Balancing Your Weight Training With Cardio

weight training with cardio

Weight training and cardio are exercising routines with very distinct effects to the body. The former is purely concerned with muscles while the later is all about physical fitness. This is exactly where the ladies in body building differ with the gentlemen. When a young girl comes into a gym for the first time ever, she will most definitely head straight to the cardio area and the cardio machines. Body builders call these machines, the cardio bunnies, for reasons better known to themselves.

weight training with cardio

But when young men hit the gym for their first time, they usually go straight to the weight room looking for the barbells. So at the end, it has become an established tradition that the guys usually hit the weight room for weight exercises while and the ladies fall for the cardio as the default option.

The difference is not so much dependent on body strength, than on the existing differences of goals that women and men have for an exercising routine.

Determining whether cardio or weight exercises are fit to be included on a workout schedule based on sex, is a misnomer. Never should a body builder ignore cardio just because they are regarded as feminine exercises. On the other hand even the most basic fat loss programs benefit more from a workout that incorporates both cardio and weight exercises than if it comprises cardio alone. The secret lies in balancing both the weight lifting exercises and the cardio into a harmonious program.

When the ladies incorporate weight exercises in their exercising regimes, they can better ton their muscles and achieve a lean physique. Cardio alone will do nothing more than facilitate the slow loss of some body fats. Cardio without weight exercises end up burning up all your muscle tissue until you look both skinny and malnourished. Cardio-only girls lack the curves that most guys adore in women.

The same is true with weight training without cardio The adamant men who will hear of nothing else but weights, usually develop block muscles that are poorly defined. Absence of cardio in a body building program results to many more ills besides poor muscle definition. For one, the cardiovascular fitness of the body builder is always in question. Breathing is unregulated and uncoordinated during exercises and as such, muscles get into anaerobic state faster due to lack of adequate oxygen levels.

In essence therefore, the optimal physique features only accrue from a balance of the exercises both in the cardio section of a gym and the weight room. Body building men can never get lean and or ripped just by perfecting their weight training. They too need the cardio routines so as to effectively burn the excess body fat spread all over the body. An amazing six pack figure accrues as much from the weight room as from cardio routines.

Cardio help regulate the body fat in the physique while then the weight exercises develop and maintain an amiable muscle network. Cardio also keep the heart and lungs at their prime state. A three session cardio routine (Each for thirty minutes) can be alternated with four weight exercise sessions (60 Minutes each), every week for optimal body building results.

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