Stacking Blitz Cycle with On & Off Cycle

Blitz Cycle

Q: I’m on my third cycle of “ON” Cycle™ and “OFF” Cycle™ from Fizogen which I’m stacking with another Fizogen product, Blitz Cycle™. So far I’ve put on 11 pounds of muscle in about 18 weeks. What is your opinion of this stack?

A: Who cares what I think, good lord man, you’ve gained 11 pounds of solid muscle in less than five months… I’d say “that” is the only opinion necessary, the end result.

I think what you wanted to ask was, what is the physiological reason for such rapid growth using this combination of compounds.

First, the quality of ingredients in all Fizogen products is unparalleled in the business. Each supplement is made with the highest concentrations of active ingredients and the “quality control” far surpasses what is required by Federal, State and Local laws.

The primary reason you’re experiencing so much muscle growth is because Fizogen’s Blitz Cycle™, which in my opinion is the best NO compound on the market, acts as a cell signaling agent. And this is very important because “ON” and “OFF” Cycles have numerous anabolic agents in them that will “signal” the activation of what are called ribosomes in the muscle cell.

Think of ribosomes as “organic computer chips” that are programmed to cause protein synthesis. And, quite obviously, the more “active” these ribosomes are, the more muscle you develop. Well, that’s what the NO does (amongst many other things) it excites, or signals increased ribosomal activity at the same time all the anabolic components are hitting the ribosomes!

It’s like first squirting lighter fluid on charcoal (the muscle) and then dropping the match. But without the lighter fluid, in this case the Blitz Cycle™, the charcoal would not light up to anywhere near the degree! By all means, continue this approach, it’s a sure-fire way to build muscle.

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