Bodybuilder’s Thoughts On Binge Eating

bodybuilder’s thoughts on binge eating

When we say that one is a binge eater, in this part of the world, we mean that an addict eater. If one were to grow dependent on alcohol, we normally would call him or her an alcoholic. If one were to be an addict of hard drugs, we would normally call him or her a junky. But when a body builder gets addicted to food, such that the frequency and volume of consumption is beyond anything considered normal even among the hardcore trainers, then he or she is every part a binge eater. Unfortunately, today there are thousands and thousands of bodybuilding pros who are binge eaters, and suffering for it.

In some media highlights of contemporally bodybuilding literature, there have been numerous reports of body builders who have become ridiculously affected by their excessive eating habits. Binge eating usually causes overweight problems like obesity. In its basic mild repercussion, binge eating produces Yokozuna type of physiques that start from here to infinity. In extreme circumstances, some body builders have died consequent to related cases of overeating. Binge eating reduces the achievements of a bodybuilding career to zero or even to negative. It has been said that it is better not to start a bodybuilding training program at all, than to succeed in bodybuilding for a while and then fall under the strains of binge eating.

The scientific names that have been given to these overeating conditions are anorexia-nervosa and bulimia-nervosa. Prominent focus has of late been placed on the two conditions, the anorexia-nervosa and the bulimia-nervosa, but still binge eating is on the rise. Compulsive overeating habits are on the rise in the contemporary bodybuilding industry, with complete ignorance to repercussions. Worse even, research into the area of overeating has pointed out that overeating is not a recluse of the bodybuilders suffering the nervosa conditions. It has been a common misconception that binge eating can only occur among obese individuals. The very ordinary body builder, beginner or pro, can fall into a habit of binge eating if caution is not taken.

The following five symptoms signal the onset of a binge eating habit. If any of them is notable in your training regimen, take appropriate resolute action before hell brakes loose.

1. Eating several between the preset meal times, and still keeping the diet schedule in time.

2. Forgetting that you have just eaten and starting out on another meal all the same before you remember you had been eating a few minutes earlier.

3. Cooking food for several meals or days and then finishing it far too early than scheduled, not because the food was less but because you ate more.

4. Your mind being preoccupied with what you are going to eat next just minutes after finishing a meal. Some dietitian call this a longing for the next eating, whereby you live with a perpetual anticipation of the meal coming next.

5. Being defensive when somebody, friend family, relative of colleague, points out that you are overeating. There is always justification for over eating, with binge eaters. Some will even eat in hiding, before or after eating a conventional meal in public.