Alexander Fedorov

Alexander Fedorov

Alexander Fedorov was born on May 6, 1978 in the city of Leningrad.

As a teenager, Alexander was involved in football, freestyle wrestling and taekwondo. He began bodybuilding at the age of fourteen. The date “January 1, 1993” Alexander considers the beginning of his serious training as a bodybuilder.

On the eve of his sixteenth birthday Alexander Fedorov took part in a bodybuilding competition for the first time – it was the championship of his native city of St. Petersburg. Alexander performed in the category “under 16 years old”, in which he competed with two young athletes, bodybuilders, but he did not become the first. Alexander won the city championship in a year. Then came the victory at the Russian Championship among young people under the age of 18.

A huge role in the sporting fate of Alexander was played by his father – Anatoly Alexandrovich. In the eighties, Anatoly Alexandrovich was a competing bodybuilder who took part in city championships, as well as in competitions held in Lithuania and Estonia. According to Alexander, his father was always an example for him to follow, so the decision to get involved in bodybuilding came to him quite naturally.

From the very beginning of his training in the gym, Alexander’s training process was led by his own father. And he spared no money for the preparation of his son. Subsequently, the future wife of Alexander, who took an active part in the compilation and rehearsals of her husband’s arbitrary competitive program, joined in becoming the common cause.

The first international championship “German Open”, in which Fedorov took part and took first place, brought him fame in the professional circles of Europe and served as a springboard for future conquests in the competitive field. The opportunity to visit Germany, and later receive the nickname “Russian Arnold“, appeared with Alexander thanks to the invitation of his godfather.

Next Fedorov takes part in the World Junior Championships, held in Spain in 1998, and again a victory. Alexander is the first Russian to whom this peak was submitted. A promising start to a career.

However, in 1999 Alexander’s sports career was interrupted. At the European Championships in 1999, he was disqualified. For three years, Fedorov leaves bodybuilding and devotes time to various kinds of earnings.

Later, Alexander received an offer from Sergei Nikolaevich Nikeshin to return to the career of a competing bodybuilder. Alexander Fedorov resigns from work and with great enthusiasm resumes active training. After a long break Alexander strives to regain his former championship form. And he succeeds – in his hometown in 2003 he wins the title of the absolute champion of Europe among amateurs. In the same 2003, he already competes with such titans as Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler at the Grand prix of Russia, taking the third place on the podium of the prize-winners. Now for Alexander, the bodybuilding business is moving to a contractual basis.

On the same Grand Prix, but a year later, he rises already to the second stage, after which he receives an invitation to “Mr. Olympia – 2005”. According to Alexander himself, the Professional Bodybuilding and Fitness League provides him with significant support in preparation for many competitions, including the performance in the “best in the world” bodybuilders. In the overall standings at Olympia, Alexander takes the 19th place, explaining this result by a mistake in the precompetition training. Nevertheless, in one of his interviews, Alexander Fedorov with his inherent patriotism will say: “Russian can win Olympia!”

The career of this professional bodybuilder Alexander Fedorov was not without failures. Alexander suffers a complicated operation about the rupture of the tendon of the pectoral muscles. The severed pectoral muscle is attached to the bone by a synthetic ligament. After the surgical intervention, the necessary recovery period occurs. But having a tremendous force of courage and passion for the beloved cause, Alexander again resumes training, introducing a new recovery character for himself. However, the transferred trauma does not allow Alexander to fully exercise the muscles of the chest and shoulders, which affects their shape and proportions. For this reason, Alexander, speaking in 2006, does not show the results that the sports community expected from him. And after that, he ends his career as a professional.

Alexander married in 2001. Has a secondary technical education. He studied at the Academy of Engineering and Economics, but because of employment he never finished it. He is one of the first graduates and fellows of the Ben Vader College of Bodybuilding. With Alexander contracts were signed by such large companies as Flex and Universal Nutrition.

Alexander is a true fan of cars, especially as regards the BMW car brand.

Throughout his sports career Alexander was inspired by such athletes as Flex Wheeler, Vince Taylor, Lee Haney, Mike Christian, Sean Rey and many other famous bodybuilders

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