Waistline Watchful Abs Training

abs training

Many consider bodybuilding to be an art of illusion. This isn’t necessarily a sport where the biggest man always wins. The winner is more often the man that looks like he’s the biggest, at the same time displaying excellent conditioning as well as presentation. In many competitions, the most filled out middleweight will win the show, while the less defined heavyweight competitor must settle for less points.

The V-taper is one of the most desirable illusions that bodybuilders want to present while on stage.

Having the V-taper illusion will consist of the waist appearing very narrow and the shoulders appearing as wide as possible. The entire upper body will have a ‘V’ shape to it. A convincing V-taper appearance will make the physique look more athletic, this look will also make the chest and thighs appear to be more muscular. The V-taper look is very hard to achieve, in order to get it bodybuilders work to make sure their waistline stays small, but also that it still looks muscular on the bodybuilding stage.

Lower Abs

Many bodybuilders forget about this area when they are training. While on stage a good portion of this area is covered by posing trunks, therefore this region is occasionally neglected by a lot of bodybuilders. Obviously this is a mistake, especially because the majority of bodybuilding shows are won on the basis of who has the least weak points, not the most strong points. The lower abs still need to be trained, even when not in competition. The purpose is not to have the abs fully ripped all the time, but instead to have a strong base there so that they can be fully developed come show time.

Upper Abs

Bodybuilders most likely have an idea on how to train the upper abs. Hitting the area with crunches is best, and has become the new standard ever since the sit up was phased out. Bodybuilders have come up with a very successful strategy for upper abs in which they neglect the area until about 2 months right before a show or competition. Doing this keeps the whole midsection trim all the time without the bulky muscles expanding the waistline, but it still offers plenty of time for the abs to be shaped by the bodybuilder right before the competition.


Squats and dead lifts can be categorized as heavy compound movements, which have an effect of adding mass everywhere on the body. This is great for bodybuilders looking to add muscle mass to the general body, but it can also be though for those training to keep the waistline measurement as low as possible. These people need to weight their options to determine which is going to be more effective to the goals they are trying to reach.

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