Tips For Increasing Biceps Training Intensity

biceps training intensity

Biceps are, by far, the most noticeable and popular body part, both inside and outside of the gym. For this reason, many bodybuilders devote an inordinate amount of time to training this muscle group.

While this may pay off in the beginning, where a moderately developed bicep will stand out on an otherwise untrained physique, the biceps often hit peaks before other groups. This leaves the upper arms lagging as the rest of your muscle groups see growth. Here are a few tips for stimulating some biceps growth!

Train them once a week

Yes, many top bodybuilders do hit their biceps twice a week. But they have a level of genetics, experience, and anabolic assistance that you do not. If you know you will only get to train the biceps once ever seven days, it’s a safe bet that you will give it your all!

Use perfect form

Anytime you swing the weight up using a little bit of ‘body English”, you are transferring the stress of the lift from your biceps, to your back, hips, and shoulders. You’re not worried about hip and back size, however. You’re most concerned about the biceps! Don’t short-circuit your results by cheating.

Train with a partner

Nothing will give your training a kick in the pants faster than training with a partner – particularly someone a little bigger and better than you. As you strive to keep up, you’ll train beyond your preconditioned limitations. It’s a lot safer as well.

Keep the weights increasing

Walk into any gym, and you’ll see many people using the same weights for biceps that they were using 2 or 3 years ago. You’ll notice they look the same as they did back then, as well. It is only through stimulation at new levels of intensity – more weight, and/or more repetitions – that growth can occur. Keep increasing the weight just a bit each week.

Use Down-the-Racks

Grab the 60 pound dumbbells and complete a full set of alternate db curls. Set the weights down, and then complete a set of curls with the 50s. Repeat for the 40s, then the 30s. At the conclusion of the set, you’ll have reached failure 4 times in under two minutes, while completing 40 very intense repetitions. It’s the ultimate training!

Iron Crosses

Iron Cross curls are just like standard biceps alternate dumbbell curls, with one exception. With each curl, you bring the dumbbell up to touch the opposing shoulder. This is a variation which allows for greater weight to be used, as well as some stimulation of the biceps at an entirely new angle.


Use a very heavy weight, and explode the weight up to the top. Then, lower it back down, calm and completely under control.

Stretching more

Keep the stretching to a minimum before your training. At the end, however, spend a full five minutes working out the lactic acid which has accumulated during your tough workout.


Before each set, flex your biceps in the mirror for a full 20 seconds. Repeat at the conclusion of your set.

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