Training Tips For Increased Muscle Gains

muscle gains

It is a very difficult task to achieve weight gain especially if you are a hard gainer. Being skinny is no joke, especially if you are a teenager. I remember when I was growing up, my early teen years was a living nightmare. I got teased a lot about my weight to the point that my self esteem was quite low. I could not even approach a girl without hesitating, and this was the period when everyone was dating. I got lonely and depressed until one day I decided enough was enough and sulking was not going to give me the results I was looking for.

I knew if I wanted to improve my chances of getting beautiful girls I had to transform my appearance. However this was not a very easy task it had to take a lot of dedication and hard work on my part.

After two and a half months I had acquired twelve inch biceps and I can not stress enough how this helped improve my life. Not only did it improve my chances with the ladies but it also help me get out of the depression state as I was able to significantly improve my level of self esteem.

I will try and share with you the methods I used in my efforts to gain weight which worked for me and am sure they can work for you if you stick by every details;

1. Do not undertake aerobic training

Weight gaining has nothing whatsoever to do with aerobics; this is because aerobics leads to the burning of calories. When you want to gain weight the last thing your body needs is to burn a lot of calories. Calories act as the body fuel and therefore for you to be able to do the heavy weight lifting you need to conserve the calories you have in the body. When you want to gain weight, you should focus on gaining the right kind of weight. By the right kind of weight, I mean an increase in muscles and not fat. When you increase body fat you will develop a pathetic body physique. Therefore for you to develop a good body physique which is symmetrical you need to ensure that you concentrate on attaining lean body muscles.

2. Eat foods which are rich in calories

If you want to gain weight it is not just a matter of eating a lot of food. There are many aspects you need to consider with regards to the kind of food you are eating. You should eat foods which have high concentration of calories. There are various foods which are rich in calories such as proteins, complex carbohydrates, and fresh fruit juices. In fact you should make it a habit of taking protein shakes during the middle of the night as this will also make you increase the amount of calories in your body.

3. Weight train

As we mentioned earlier your main objective should be to attain the right kind of weight and not fat. Therefore you need to weight train in order to get lean body muscles. The lean body muscles will be useful in burning the excess calories which would otherwise be converted into body fat.

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