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training guide arm definition

You may have been in the gym for quite a while now, you might have gone through some intense training already or you might have tried several strategies to bulk up your arms. It is not unusual to find professional body builders who have succeeded in every other area but that of developing their arms. Sometimes it causes disappointments to see that the chest is growing, the legs are superb, the stomach is packed into six figure, but the arms are still severed in growth.

This training routine is specifically directed to those bodybuilders who have been in the game for a while and now want to take their arms to the next level. By this, we mean that you want to define your arms further to competitive levels, or you want to grow some more muscle tissues in the arms. This can be important as part of a preparation for a major upcoming event, or as a way of bringing your arms up from under, so that they can much your achievement in the rest of the physique.

This workout constitutes a single triset and a single superset. The two should be done within a time frame of about twenty minutes in one training session, three times a week. By a triset, we refer to the group of three complementary exercises that must be done back to back without offering any rest duration within them. The superset refers to two distinct but complementing exercises that must also be done back-to-back, without any rest duration in between them. However, a single minute of rest should be allowed between the triset and the superset. Basically, a superset is more or less the same as the triset, only that it is composed of two exercises instead of three.

To begin on the triset, use the incline dumbbell curls exercise. Three to four sets of the incline dumbbell curls will do if good form is maintained and the rep speed at its optimal intensity. For each set, six reps are okay, with eight reps on the higher side. Without resting even for a moment, move on to the second exercise for the triset, which is the lying dumbbell triceps extension. Use the same weigh you used for the incline dumbbell curls, and also maintain the rep speed and exercise form. For the lying dumbbell triceps curls, perform three to four sets back to back, with each set achieving at least eight reps. On the higher side, ten reps per set can help achieve maximal intensity unless the weight being used is far below the optimal intensity level for the individual body builder.

To complete the triset, perform three to four sets of the hammer curls, with each set achieving at least eight to twelve reps. When this is done, allow a rest duration of about one minute, before taking on the superset.

For the superset, start with the wrist curls. Two sets of twenty five to fifty reps each, will ensure that the wrists are optimally stimulated. Without allowing for rest, move on to the final arm exercise for the day. The second exercise of the superset id the reverse wrist curls. This should be performed in an intensity level of two sets of twenty-five reps on the low and fifty reps on the high, for every set. After that, the arms are adequately trained for the day.

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