Supplements That Act As Anti-Depressants

supplements as antidepressants

Q: I’ve suffered a lot of depression recently coming off of my AAS cycles. I was wondering if there were over the counter or prescription anti-depressants that might help me. I have had some thoughts that aren’t making me too comfortable and I’m worried that when I get really depressed, I might harm myself or someone else. Any suggestions?

A: If you are experiencing depression of that magnitude, definitely go to a doctor and discuss this issue honestly. Don’t omit your use of steroids as they are the obvious cause and link. But organically, we’re all different. That’s also the reason you need to be under the care of a physician: They can take all of your chemistry into consideration when prescribing the best product. I don’t think that St. John’s Wort will do it for you. It doesn’t for many people, but particularly those with terrible “come-downs” from AAS cycles. I have also had experience with hypericum and imipramine. They don’t work for some of the people who have tried them, but they do for others and studies back that fact up. There are two main classes of anti-depressants: SSRIs and Tri-cyclic. The last one is the oldest category and works best with certain chemistry. Oddly, a lot of try-cyclics work better with Type O blood subjects, but that hasn’t been formally substantiated. I, however, did notice that across the board. SSRIs are Prozac, Paxil, and some of the newer ones like Lexapro. If you are not suffering from reduced levels of serotonin, however, they will not work for you and may even agitate you. Everyone is different. I just suggest that you go get your endocrine system worked up with an endocrinologist, work with a good doctor familiar with the effects of AAS and someone who is great at prescribing anti-depressants for this sort of thing. You don’t want to end up in a psych ward somewhere. And I know people who have, so don’t mess with this and go get help.