Kevin Levrone

Kevin Levrone

Kevin Levrone, nicknamed the Maryland Muscular Machine, is rightfully considered one of the most outstanding bodybuilders in the history of this sport. He is a cheerful, stunningly purposeful athlete who conquered many fans not so much with chic muscles (which, undoubtedly, deserve admiration), but rather by the strength of his character. His story began on July 16, 1965, when Kevin published his first cry in Baltimore (Maryland, USA). The first tragedy overtook Levrone when he was 10 years old. His father died. Strangely enough, it was this event that inspired the future athlete to do bodybuilding. Kevin wanted to retire to distract from sad thoughts, and it was almost impossible to do it at home (with 5 brothers and sisters). “Bodybuilding is a sport of singles,” Kevin said in an interview. “Therefore, it was impossible to find the best place for seclusion than a gym.”

After graduation, everything, it seems, began to form successfully – Kevin started construction business and founded his own small firm. However, the second blow of fate did not keep you waiting – as soon as Kevin was 24 years old, his mother discovered cancer. According to the athlete, he suffered so hard the suffering of his mother that he did not want to do anything. All he could do was go to the gym and train “to the full shutdown.”

After the death of his mother, Kevin gave himself up completely to the sport and went headlong into training. The first results the young man achieved at the state championship in 1990. Kevin took part in competitions at the insistence of friends and … won. The following year he won the US National Championship and became a professional IFBB. This was the beginning of a huge career growth – “Night of the Champions”, “Arnold Classic”, “San Francisco Pro”, numerous Grand prix. Levrone became the owner of the largest number of IFBB medals – his merits were evaluated 21 times!

In 2002, Kevin left the sport for the sake of a rock musician’s career and moved to Los Angeles. Everything seemed quite serious, Levrone publicly announced the sale of his stake in the World Gym, but in February rumors began to spread that the athlete was preparing for Olympia. In March, Kevin not only withdrew his shares from the sale, but also bought out the second half of them, becoming the sole owner of the club, and in July officially announced that he decided to remain an amateur in relation to music, and will continue to build a professional career in bodybuilding.

Like many bodybuilders, Kevin did not escape the injuries during training. There were only two of them, but both are very serious: ruptured pectoral muscles and infringement of inguinal hernia. After the second injury, the doctors, in fact, pulled Kevin from the other world – there was a very high risk of hemorrhage into the abdominal cavity, many vessels were torn. After the operation, Levrone for a long time could not even think about training without trembling. True, there was no problem because of this – the doctors categorically forbade the athlete to exercise in the next six months. According to Levrone, only then did he learn what a normal life is. There was a lot of free time, which could be spent on your favorite entertainment, without suffering remorse over the damage to training. As a result, Kevin significantly lost weight and at a solemn meeting of bodybuilders looked outspoken. Nobody believed that he could still return to the competition.

But the forecasts did not materialize. The relaxed muscles gladly accepted the load. Kevin rapidly increased the weight with which he trained, but the body and did not think to resent. The body worked like a well-oiled mechanism. Levrone managed not only to regain his form, but also to add an additional 6 kg to it. This technique seemed to the athlete so promising that after the competition Mr. Olympia 2002 he again decided to “take a vacation.” In 2003, Kevin said that he was not going to leave bodybuilding at least for the next three years, but after the performance in the “Show of Force 2003” the athlete stopped participating in competitions and completely surrendered to the profession of the actor. Kevin studied acting with Allen Wilms and Milton Kacelas, who had nurtured many stars of cinema.

In 2007, the press again popped up information that Levrone was going to participate in Olympia. Many doubted that it was possible, although there were no problems with the invitation, Kevin was happy to see at the competitions, but the athlete fairly slowed down in weight (up to 85 kg). However, Levrone’s statement about the return was nothing more than words, and it is now difficult to judge whether difficulties arose with the return of the previous form, or the statement itself was originally only a clever advertising move.

To date, Kevin operates two training gyms located in Maryland and Baltimore, and each year holds a “Classic” -competition, all proceeds from which go to the charity fund for helping sick children. This foundation was created by Levrone in memory of his dead parents.

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