Johnnie Jackson

Johnnie Jackson

How often did you hear that bodybuilders are strong only outwardly, and their muscles are dysfunctional and weak? Iron sport is regularly criticized for the lack of the generally accepted application of large muscles, whether it be beating an opponent or trying to raise a record weight, as in martial arts or powerlifting. However, all this does not reflect the reality, and Johnnie Otis Jackson is a living counter-argument against such attacks. At the moment he is the most powerful bodybuilder of our planet. The sum of his “base three” is 1023 kg.

Johnnie Jackson received PRO-status only at 30 years at the Nationals – NPC. That evening he won the first absolute in his life. Judges and critics noted good muscle symmetry and, of course, the quality of the musculature. Jackson is proud to have found the second wave of bodybuilding stars, having competed with such athletes as Ahmad Haidar, King Kamali, Lee Priest, Ronnie Coleman, and others. A vivid example of such a confrontation is the 2002 Show of Strength Pro Championships (IFBB), where he took 10th place.

In 2003, he made his first appearance at Olympia, finishing 11th. Since then, Johnnie has been participating in this tournament every year, except for the unsuccessful 2009. A distinctive feature of Jackson can be considered his frankness and an adequate view of the state of things. He never misses stars from the sky. At the moment his goal is not so great – to get into the TOP-6 Olympia. According to him, the current form simply can not desire more. But this is not at all a lack of optimism, as it seems to many, such a philosophy, from day to day, fires in it the desire to progress and not to stop at what has been achieved.

Johnnie‘s career can be compared to the American roller coaster – rapid rises are replaced by exactly the same descents. One of the most recent “ups and downs” can be considered the whole 2012. Alas, 2013 was marked by a sudden “descent”. It would seem that the early qualification for Olympia will allow you to calmly and thoroughly prepare, but despite this, he did not even enter the TOP-15.

There is an opinion that the throne of Olympia for Johnnie is nothing but a mirage in the desert: the closer Johnnie is, the farther the “mirage”. But in bodybuilding you can not discount such an experienced athlete. Certainly, against the background of such genetic folks as Ronnie Coleman or Big Rummy, Johnnie Jackson looks like an outsider, but here the key role is played by the word “genetics”. He loses to other athletes only at the genetic level. By nature, this is a real plowman, who is not going to give up just like that.

The most complex component in bodybuilding, he considers proper nutrition;

He likes to train shoulders;

He considers that leg training is easier than back training;

He makes a trip to McDonald’s immediately after the competition;

His typical day begins at 4:30 am and ends at 10 pm.

The main exercise is considered deadlift;

He is grateful to the army service for the developed sense of discipline;

In addition to bodybuilding, he likes soccer and powerlifting;

Motivated by listening to DMX songs.

Johnnie Jackson can not be called a typical bodybuilder of our time, but at the same time it is not an old school athlete like Flex Wheeler, Priest or Dennis James. He loves hardcore training, actively performs in power tournaments, it is hard for a high-calorie diet and does not enjoy the favor of judges. But, despite all this Johnnie is popular, it’s always nice to look at him and he really needs a bodybuilding community, because his presence at Olympia proves every time that professional athletes are strong not only in posing.

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