Bodybuilding Training Tips For Stubborn Bicep Growth

biceps training

Let’s face it – biceps are the most popular muscle group to the world. When you think of bodybuilding, you think of Arnold Schwarzenegger. And when you do, he’s not doing a side triceps or an abs/thighs shot. Now, he’s usually delivering a front double biceps, the signature shot of all bodybuilding lore. Whenever a friend or acquaintance finds out you lift weights, they’ll often ask you to “make a muscle”. This is obviously not a clue to drop your trousers and flex the bejesus out of your quads. No, your friend wants to see your biceps. It’s the most commonly flexed, admired, and trained muscle group. However, due to genetics, training practices, or inadequate diet, many bodybuilders simply don’t have good biceps. Here are a few ways to spurn some new growth from stubborn biceps.

Leave Them Alone

Biceps shouldn’t be trained with back. Many bodybuilders make a common mistake of sticking biceps last on back day. By then, they’re already scorched from your brutal back workout. Instead, group them with triceps on their own day for a much more effective workout.

Seconds, Please

Most bodybuilders eat just enough food to maintain their current body weight without gaining any body fat. This is great if you are 100% happy with where you are at, and don’t wish to grow your arms. However, if your goal is to add 1 to 2 inches to your arms, then you have no choice but to add 15 to 25 pounds to your body weight. Choose a time period that you can add a bit of body fat (off-season is ideal), then eat and lift like you never have!

Dumbbells First!

Machines are a lot of fun on biceps day. They let you sit down, concentrate clearly, and really deliver some dedicated stimulation to the biceps. And barbell movements are fun too. You get to do your best Ronnie Coleman impression and swing up a heavy barbell for all to admire. However, if your goal is to really add some muscle to your frame, then neither fun nor impressiveness is what you desire. Instead, you should walk over to the dumbbell rack and get to work on some plain ol’ fashioned dumbbell curls. They are by far the most effective movement for building up big arms, and the one that is oddly neglected by many athletes in favor of more exciting movements.

Biceps MusclesIt’s usually not the guy who trains the hardest, or who uses the most drugs, that has the best arms. No, the man in the gym with the best set of biceps is usually the quiet, reliable guy who never misses a workout. You know the guy. He doesn’t train particularly heavy, and he doesn’t work particularly hard. But he’s always there. He is there like clockwork. He doesn’t get hurt, as he doesn’t lift some insane numbers. His workouts aren’t short – but they aren’t particularly long either. He just shows up, moves the weight, and goes home. He’s a machine. And he’s a machine with some of the best arms in the gym. Follow his lead, and stop missing workouts!

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