Back Training Mixes For Those With Wide Waists

wide waist bodybuilding

We are all put together differently. Some of us are tall and lanky. We are called ectomorphs, and we have a terrible time adding mass to our frame. Others are shorter and carry more body fat. Referred to as endomorphs, we can add muscle without too much effort, but the fat surely comes with us. Finally, some of us are blessed to fall into a group known as mesomorphs. These people have no problem adding muscle mass, and fat usually isn’t a concern.

In addition to possessing different body types, our frames vary as well. In bodybuilding, a narrow waist and wide shoulders are referred to as a classic V-frame, and are very desirable. Being born with a genetically wide waist is something that curses bodybuilders of all body types mentioned above. Here are some tips to training back while reducing waist width.

Avoid deadlifts

It’s a well-known fact that deadlifts are among the most useful exercises known to man in terms of adding muscle mass to the back, as well as the entire body. They are known as a ‘core’ movement, in that they train the center of gravity of your body – the hips, thighs, hamstrings, back, and abdominals. This is great if your goal is functional strength. Lineman and track athletes should always include deadlifts in their routine for a thick physical core, as well as overall power and balance. If you’re a bodybuilder, however, you need to be aware of the fact that the movement does lead to a very quick thickening of the oblique muscles.

These side abdominals, when fully developed, can take away form the overall appearance of a “V” shape, making the waist wider and shoulders appear more narrow. For this reason, many top bodybuilders don’t use deadlifts at all. If you’re looking to gain overall muscle mass, use deadlifts. If you have a genetically wide waist and narrow shoulders, you may want to consider avoiding them.

Wide-grip lat pulldowns

It’s been proven by researchers in laboratories, and trainers in gyms worldwide. The wide-grip, front-directional lat pulldown is most effective for stimulating the upper lats (back muscles). Training them to their fullest- and widest- will make your waist seem smaller by comparison.

Chin to win!

Chin-ups lead to upper back thickness, as well as width. They need to be a mainstay. You can’t change how wide your hips are, but you can change their neighboring muscle groups to make them appear smaller.

Keep the food moving

Ideally, you should avoid processed carbohydrates and beef, as these foods tend to stay in your digestive track for week, months, or longer. Eat a lot of fiber and the food will keep moving. The obliques are pushed out by the large intestines which sit beneath them. Keeping them freer of food waste will make them smaller, and make your waist appear smaller as well.

Stay lean

Keep your body fat levels low. Males tend to accumulate body fat in the midsection area. Simply dropping your body fat levels from 15% to 10% can lead to a drop of 1-3 inches on your waistline, which will make the back appear wider and bring out that desired V-frame!

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