The Necessity Of Warming Up Prior To Bodybuilding Training

warm upThe importance of doing warm ups before engaging in bodybuilding activity is of much significance but despite this fact there are many people who disregard this fact and proceed to do strenuous exercises that are taxing on the body; this is done in total oblivion to the effects imparted on the body. It is only after some time that these persons will realize their mistake and as such this article would like to preempt the occurrence of such ill effects especially to those new to bodybuilding.

When a person is starting on exercise activities that are physically involving the body responds in such a manner that sees it increase the rate of respiration, and the rate of blood supply to the muscles which means that the amount of both nutrients and oxygen supplied to these locations is also increased. The body should thus be prepared prior to this heightened level of activity just to be assured that the increases will be taken gradually and steadily.

The importance of doing warm up before taking up the rigorous activities that consist exercise is evidenced on a number of fronts. Firstly, the body’s nervous system is stimulated into action. This ensures that the body is very alert which is a good thing because the bodybuilder will be able to respond faster in case there is injury and also because the person will be able to detect various signals that the body will send either to communicate discomfort, undue stress, need for rest,or even muscle fatigue which is not necessarily a bad thing to feel.

Warming up will also serve to stir the joints and tissues into action by literally warming them up for action. They become more flexible and loosened such that the risk of gaining injury is reduced. How is this? Basically we can explain this phenomenon by likening the situation to that involved when attempting to shape iron. Before this can be done the smith will need to heat up the iron so as to make it malleable. The same applies to the muscles. When they are trained cold then it is quite a task to go through the motions that require fluidity and flexibility. Muscular injury is likely to result in this case.

The warm up session is thus very vital in getting the joint fluids ready for their role of acting like lubricants in the various parts of the conventional car engine. Warming up is also of essence for the heart primarily because it needs to be readied for action. The action of course involves pumping more blood to the various extremities of the body, specifically the muscles.

The importance of warming up may be seen to be of little consequence to the younger generation of bodybuilders and athletes. As one gets older the body’s joints and muscles tend to lose their fluidity and also the heart’s muscles will end to get weaker. This is when warm up will be totally appreciated. There are cases that have been reported detailing the deaths of older people due to unprecedented high levels of physical activity. Such deaths may as well have been avoided if they were careful to do some warm up.

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