John Hansen

John Hansen

About John Hansen : John Hansen is a natural drug-free bodybuilder who won the Natural Mr. Universe title twice and was the winner of the first Mr. Natural Olympia. His 25-year career in bodybuilding also includes the Natural America’s Cup Championships, Mr. Natural North America, Natural Illinois, Mr. Illinois, Mid-America Championships and the Illinois Cup. Hansen is the author of Natural Bodybuilding, published by Human Kinetics. In 2000 Hansen began writing a column for IRON MAN Magazine entitled “Naturally Huge”. He is also involved in personal training and public speaking, where he educates students and adults in the most effective ways to lose fat, build muscle and completely transform the body.

In 2006 Hansen released his first DVD, titled ‘Real Muscle’, which focuses on effective weight training methods for individuals that don’t take steroids. A year later in 2007, Hansen released his second DVD which covered a wider range of subjects, including competition preparation and nutrition, as well as recordings of John Hansen’s competitions with an optional commentary track. Since 2008, Hansen has hosted the online bodybuilding radio programme, Natural Bodybuilding Radio with Mike “Super Human” Neumann. The objective of the show is to bring as many health experts, trainers and natural Body Building Champions for the audience to learn from in order to reach their natural potential. In 2009, Hansen was inducted into the National Fitness Museum in recognition of his work in instructing people on how to get fit, stay in shape and live healthy, happy and productive lives. In a tribute from the event, Bob Gajda remarked “As a winner of the Natural Universe and Natural Olympia, you are an inspiration to us all. Your drug-tested contests provide a venue for drug-free athletes who choose honesty and hard work in their pursuit of excellence. Your books, DVDs, radio programs, and website promoting proper nutrition and correct exercise design is unparalleled among the current cacophony of misinformation.”

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