Propel The Body Out Of a Comfort Zone

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At the very outset, body building relies on intensity. Maximal gains are only achievable when the maximal intensity is achieved in the training regimen. It is maximal intensity that the body is propelled to commission growth of new muscle tissues. Without reaching optimally maximal intensity, the body pretty remains in the same level, comfortable since it can handle the demands of training. But once that absolute failure have been achieved, when intensity has fully stimulated particular targeted muscle group, then the body is forced to build some more in anticipation of handling the intensity better tomorrow.

Increase Your Training Intensity To Propel The Body Out Of a Comfort Zone

The human body is a masterpiece or adaptation. For instance, if you are new in body building, even the smallest barbell intimidates you. You see it and you wonder how you can ever lift that for a second rep. after a while, you see guys lifting the huge one at the corner for eight reps and you are perplexed. At that time, you are no longer intimidated by the small one, but the bigger one. The attitude, even before you get physical, has adapted and shifted to a higher level.

Then one day you start training and of course you start at the bottom of the rack. The body complains, it is angry with you, it is totally crises, asking, how could you push me through that? The muscles ache all over, you cannot even have a shower, the biceps can not allow that. You are seriously in pain. If you are determined enough, you go for the second session and the body complains again, this time not so vehemently. By the fourth session, the body learns that you are never going to let it free. Consequently it commissions an emergency operation. Muscle growth goes to the overdrive, muscles are built up and fortified to provide enough strength to get the fifth session going without pushing the body too far.

By and by, what was initially a hustle to get done becomes comfortable and the body no longer wimps. If you remain at that same intensity, the body is okay, comfortable and appreciative, but no further growth will be commissioned. The fact is, you must give the body a reason to grow, it never does so willingly or volitionally. Next time, after some months maybe, you decide to increase the barbell poundage and you add a few on the rod.

The first days, the body is totally mad, why do you have to go and do what I don’t feel comfortable with. It watches and hopes you will never again demand so much of it. When you persist in the second and third day on the amplified intensity, the body knows now that things are no longer okay. Again an emergency operation is put in place, growth is commissioned to cater for the increased intensity. To the body, the hope is in your maintaining the same intensity level throughout so that it remains comfortable with training. Yet for the body builder, priority ought to be prompting the body out of that comfort zone once it adapts to the level of intensity, for that is the only way to achieve progressive gains in both strength and muscle mass.

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