Frank McGrath

Frank McGrath

A bodybuilder who has an enviable bicep and no less famous waist (the thinnest among professionals), Frank McGrath is also a rather notorious athlete.

He was born on August 9, 1978 in St. John’s, Newfoundland (Canada) in a small but friendly family. Frank was born a large child, with a broad bone and strong health. This predetermined his sporting future. As soon as Frank began to grow up, he immediately showed interest in sports: first to the game types, and after and to weightlifting. Gradually, this passion grew into a love for bodybuilding, to the occupation of which Frank had all the makings. Nature endowed him with excellent genetics – his muscles grew very quickly and very proportionally.

McGrath began taking part in small bodybuilding tournaments held in his and the nearest cities. Due to his colorful appearance, Frank became very popular and well-known far beyond his hometown before he became a successful bodybuilder. His charismatic features have repeatedly appeared in Canadian newspapers and magazines, and later in commercials. In 2003, Frank won Canada’s bodybuilding championship and finally won the hearts of fans.

The first tournament as a professional McGrath did not quite successfully – he obviously did not have enough experience of performances, but he had high hopes. But then troubles and troubles fell on Frank one by one. Shortly before the participation at the Arnold Classic tournament, Frank got into a car accident, where he injured his spleen – this permanently knocked out the bodybuilder from the usual way of life. As soon as he left the hospital, McGrath began to restore the form, hoping to compensate for his absence with heavy and persistent training.

However, his desires were not to be realized at this time – Frank found problems with the shoulder girdle. A small operation was performed during which the infection was infectious and McGrath stayed in the hospital even more than he expected. The recovery period took even more time, but McGrath did not think about giving up, but continued his hard training. He was often invited to appear for advertising in various videos during this period. He significantly reduced weight and looked like a real model, and not a bodybuilder-heavyweight, because his face and figure filled with the covers of various magazines.

Finally recovering, Frank took part in a fairly weak tournament in 2009 Tampa Pro, but did not take a decent place there. He was not upset, for he knew full well that he did not get the desired form. Everything went to McGrath’s return to fame and success, but on one of the training sessions he unexpectedly damaged the triceps. He was given another operation.

Today, Frank McGrath has fully recovered from the misfortunes that have befallen on him and is confidently prepared to conquer Olympia. Despite his long absence at prestigious tournaments, he is still a favorite of the public and an idol of many young athletes.

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