A Look At The Booming Bodybuilding And Fitness Craze

booming bodybuilding

The fitness craze is a booming commerce Industry and here in lies the danger. A forty year old man is conned to believe that he can be transformed to look as good physically as that 25 year old, muscle bound, college dropout staring at you in the middle of the keep fit magazine. What they deliberately and purposefully fail to tell you is that this boy spent more time in the gym than in the classroom and that is why he looks the way he looks.

The myth that a forty year old pen pusher, as they call us, can suddenly loss stomach fat by diet supplements and wonder equipment might be just that, a myth! The Industry gives incomplete information on the dangers involved. The use of glossy adverts cleverly and cleverly worded guarantees deliberately omits to mention the risks involved and passions are aroused in the hood-winked older man yearning for past glory. This is commercialized fraud and deception with profits sidelining the safety of the consumer by supplying him with inadequate information on the risky but very expensive equipment and exercise.

The best ways to stay fit is by avoiding the use of steroids and instead exercise. The reason why I am saying this is because exercise does not come with any side effects when compared to steroids.

Exercising is not as hard as most people think. All you need is to wake up early in the morning or even in the evening and exercise for about thirty minutes. If you exercise for less than thirty minutes then it won’t be effective since the exercise is not intense.

Intense exercise will not only make you a lot fit but it even improves your state of mind. Exercise affects the brain chemicals and a person memory and analytical abilities are greatly improved. If you are suffering from insomnia then you need to start exercising since it has been known to improve a person’s ability to sleep.

If you practice to exercise regularly it will be of benefit to your character, in that it goes a long way in imparting self discipline. It also improves how you perceive life since it creates a feeling of wellness. There has been cases where people suffering from cases of depression found there healing through exercising. This is because when you exercise it elevates your spirit and thus the tolls of life don’t seem as heavy as they used to.

You should however remember that you are not supposed to train beyond your limits, if you do this then the results you get will be the opposite of what you were looking for. If you feel any cramp or pain when exercising then ensure that you give the body enough time to rest.

Another form of exercise which has received very many recommendations is yoga. It is the oldest form of exercise which was practiced among the monks. Yoga involves deep meditation in order to get in touch with the universe and the self.

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