7 Simple Tips To Gaining More Muscle Power

7 simple tips to gaining more muscle power

The role of protein in bodybuilding hardly needs introduction. It is a known fact even amongst primary school children that proteins are the basic blocks of muscle building. Protein is what makes the difference between the athletes who have large physiques and those who are just in the gym without a clue as to what results that they want to achieve.

Though they are required in large amounts it should not be the green light to eat from protein-rich foods haphazardly. Indeed there are various ways in which you can optimize the positive effects gained from using proteins when you use them in an organized manner. Read these seven tips and learn more.

1.Develop reliance on proteins for anabolic effects
This should be one of the basic tenets of your bodybuilding efforts. If you think that you are going to grow big on carbohydrates then you better quit before you start. Proteins will do the trick for you instead.

2.Ensure that you take enough proteins daily
The least amount of protein that you can consume daily should tally to the ratio of a gram of protein for every pound that you weigh. If you are 250lb therefore you should take at least 250g of protein on a daily basis. It is however better if you can go as far as doubling this amount.

3.Watch out for those protein maximum guidelines
There are some persons who have bodies that tend to burn protein for energy. If you are one of these persons then it is advisable that you adopt the 2g for every 1lb ratio that has been mentioned above.

4.Be sure to take in complementary carbohydrates
It is necessary that you take in enough carbohydrates so as to conserve the proteins that you have already consumed. The carbohydrates are the right fuels for the body to burn in as far as energy supply. Ensure that you take in as much as 2g of carbohydrates for every pound that you weigh.

5.Be sure to take more proteins during diets
When you are on a diet you are required to cut down on the amounts of carbohydrates and fats. This in effect means that your body will start top utilize the proteins that have already been taken in. in such cases it is prudent that you go for the ratio explained in point number three.

6.Ignore the RDA advisory on amounts of protein intake
The fact that the RDA has recommended a 0.75g of protein for every pound of body mass should not be heeded to by bodybuilders. These amounts are hardly enough to support the requirements of heavy training. The calculations have been made using experiments carried out on non-professional bodybuilders who are students in various universities.

7.Make use of protein powders
There are various protein based powders that will do you lots of good. The first is whey protein which is constituted of the highly branched amino acids. The next one is soy. It has plenty of glutamine and it rejuvenates the immune system. Last but not least be sure to use casein.