How To Burn Fat…Without Fad Diets or Supplements!

burn fat without supplements

Nowadays many pharmaceutical companies and nutrition experts come up with pick up lines on how their products offer the best solution to losing fat. What many people fail to understand is that losing body fat is in no way whatsoever dependant on going on a strict diet. The so called “wonder drugs” on the other hand may come with very severe side effects which no living human being might be willing to experience.

Losing body fat and looking fabulous is about taking a healthy balanced meal, while at the same time undertaking a well formulated exercise program. This should be part of your lifestyle and not just something you do when you feel like it. Losing fat is actually not that complex as others would have you believe. The reason why most people fail is because they want to get into shape for all the wrong reasons. Do not get into shape to fit that planning or to win in a bodybuilding contest. Instead you should focus on getting in shape so as to improve your health and your general wellbeing.

The most important form of leverage before engaging in any program is the leverage of the mind. Have a clear image in your mind of how you would like to be and then work on it or rather put it into action by following the formulated exercise program. It is vital that you think positive as this will be a determinant of whether you will succeed.

The next step is to come up with a plan which follows the basic fundamentals of losing weight. The plan should encompass the following;


Cardio vascular training is aerobic and thus leads to the subsequent burning of fat. It is therefore very important to include it in your daily work out program. Cardiovascular exercises include; jogging, walking, cycling, rope jumping and step classes. For an average healthy person the aerobics exercise should last for about 20 to 40 minutes.

Despite the fact aerobics leads to fat loss, it should not be used alone. This is because aerobic training does not increase your lean body mass. In fact low calorie dieting and aerobics can make you fat because it leads to lose of body muscle. Muscles are usually the major users of energy in the body because they require energy so that they can maintain themselves. Thus the more muscular a person is the higher the rate of metabolism. The higher the rate of metabolism the more fat an individual will lose.


Weight training is anaerobic and thus burns carbohydrates in the body. It is very important because it leads to lose of body fat indirectly. It is also the key ingredient to developing strength and muscle. When it comes to lifting weights it is important to note that you can not acquire bigger and stronger muscles if you do not provide them with enough recovery time. Without adequate time to recover the muscle growth process will not take place. Thus the concept of “No pain no gain” should not be overused.


This is very vital in determining whether you will achieve your goal. You should be able to determine the amount of calories you take in your meal. If you want to sincerely lose weight you must be able to determine how much calories you consume, so as to be able to monitor your progress. If you eat more than you burn each day you will store fat. On the other hand eat less than you burn each day and you will lose fat.

The only way to burn fat effectively is by following the three fundamentals above without ignoring any. This is because the synergy between them complements each other.

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