Alternate Focus Abdominal Training

alternate focus abdominal training

Are you looking for an abdominal routine which will allow you to separate your upper and lower abdominals so that you may focus upon each of these groups more effectively? Then you’ve come to the right place. Check out the following workout for alternating your abdominal training focus!


Start your day with six sets of crunches. You should be lying on the floor with your legs elevated, sitting up on a bench. You won’t have the full range involved with traditional sit-ups, but it’s nothing to worry about. You’ll see far greater results from the limited range crunch, which takes the back out of the movement and forces your abdominals to do the work. Each of these six sets should be completed to ‘maximum’, or as many repetitions as you can fit into a single set. For some people, this will be 20 repetitions, and for others this will be fifty reps. Over time, your maximum number will vary and increase.


Yesterday you focused upon the upper abdominals. Today you will train the lower abdominals. Today’s workout will be simple – ten minutes of lying leg raises. Lay on a bench with your hands under your glutes, and start completing reps. Don’t count, and only rest when your lower abs are fully pumped. Rest should be no longer than 60 to 90 seconds, at which point you’ll start training them again. Ten minutes at the conclusion of your workout is ideal for lower ab stimulation without going overboard. Remember, you’re training them three times this week!


Five sets of cable crunches with very little weight should be more than adequate for stimulating the upper abdominals today! If you can’t complete at least 20 repetitions per set, you’re using too much weight. This movement can be used at the beginning or conclusion of your training day.


Four sets of hanging leg raises is a great way to wrap up today’s workout and hit the lower abdominals in a moderate manner. Work to hit 10 to 15 repetitions for set. This movement isn’t easy, so don’t become frustrated if you can only do a few repetitions. In time, this number will steadily climb!


You will complete four sets of crunches to end your training session. Repetition range should be maximum. After that, you are assigned to stretch a great deal.


Today you should use a variety of abdominal machine in your gym, with a special emphasis on lower abdominal training. Spend about ten sets on abdominal training today – you have all the time in the world to rest tomorrow!


Rest – it’s that simple!

It’s highly recommended that no abdominal training take place on Sunday, nor any cardiovascular or weight training of any kind. If your schedule dictates you use Sunday for lifting or cardiovascular training with the family, for example, you can shift your training days so that the rest day occurs during the week. Over time, your body will adapt to this training system and it will be time to rotate to another abdominal training rotation. Remember to return to this routine every 2 to 3 months for at least six weeks. This will ensure your upper and lower abdominals are receiving adequate stimulation 6 days out of 7, and more than enough rest is being provided. Good luck, and get training!

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