Abdominal Training For Those Short On Time

short abdominal training

In a perfect world, we could all count on two hours each day in the gym to allow us to train to our heart’s content. We would always have the time to properly warm up, stretch, train with 15 to 20 sets, stretch and cool down, shower and head home with a cold whey shake.  Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world. In our real lives, we have to make trade-offs involving our time, and often that translates to leaving some of our favorites from the gym.

It’s very easy for off-season bodybuilders to leave cardio off their menu when time is short. They’ll also shave off stretching, warm-ups, and other parts considered non-essential. And, when time is very short, it is the very important muscle group known as the abdominals that often take the hit and end up on the chopping block. It’s understandable to neglect abdominals in terms of the 45-minute workouts you might assign to other body parts – even smaller body parts such as calves or biceps. It is still possible to get in a good workout in a lot less time.

Divide into three

The abdominals can be hit in the upper, lower, and side areas. Use exercises like crunches for the upper abs. Lower abs are targeted with movements such as lying leg raises. Use side bends and broomstick twists for the side abdominal muscles. Each area should receive dedicated attention every workout.

Short rest periods

Allow yourself only 30 to 60 seconds rest between each set of abdominal exercises. You’ll soon discover 12 sets can be completed in less than a half hour! After 30 seconds your ATP levels have corrected and the muscles are ready for more. If you’re still breathing hard at that point from abdominal exercises, it might be time to work on your endurance and stamina with some weight training.


Your body doesn’t know if the bench you place your feet on during floor crunches is located in your gym, or is simply your couch during commercials of a television show you’re watching. If you have 5 or 10 minutes to spare at home, you can knock out an adequate abdominal workout without disrupting your life much at all. Leave the time in the gym devoted to the heavy movements requiring heavy equipment. Sneak in 4 to 6 abdominal workouts per week wherever you can squeeze them!

Keep the flex

The point of contraction at the very top of an abdominal crunch is by far the most beneficial in terms of leading to bodybuilding gains. Therefore you could improve your abdominal lot dramatically by simply keeping this contraction going as much as possible. Keep the abdominals tensed between sets when you are training. At home, flex them in the mirror once an hour. Keep them flexed the entire time you’re shirtless in any situation. The tension will lead to greater muscle definition and an 8-pack you can be very proud of, in only a little time each day!

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