Cardiovascular Training Tips For The New Age Of Bodybuilders


Tired of the same old treadmill, starting at the same TV screen, while you work to burn the same 300 calories each day?  Why not spice up your cardio?  Here are a few tips for getting more out of your cardiovascular training and keeping it fresh in the meantime!

Sports Cardio
Tennis, basketball, and soccer (as well as many other sports) provide a unique way to burn a few hundred calories, while having fun.  You also enjoy the thrills of victory and the agony of defeat, which some people believe helps boost natural testosterone production. Joining an intramural team, or just shooting the ball with friends or family, you’re much more likely to stick with a cardio regimen that you enjoy.  One warning, however – you must work to keep heart rate elevated for the same amount of time you’d have it elevated doing traditional cardiovascular training.  Standing around in basketball, allowing your heart rate to return to normal, will not help your cause.

Nintendo Wii
The Nintendo Wii is an entertainment system which allows the user to enjoy almost virtual-reality participation in sports activities.  You can play tennis, jogging, bowling, and other sports in the comfort of your own living room.

Get a dog
Need a reason to get off your keyster and go for a walk or run several times a day? Get a dog!  Not only will it add enjoyment and pleasure to your life, but you’ll have a built-in reason to open the door, walk outside, and get some exercise each day!  Dogs enjoy going for walks or runs, and it keeps both of you in shape!

It’s true – Sex does burn a lot of calories.  And it’s certainly something that you will never skip, unlike the 45 minute trek on the elliptical.  Keep an eye on the clock, and work on your endurance.  The partner in your sex life will thank you, as will your waistline!

Keeping up with the kids
It’s very rare that you see an extremely overweight person with small children.  Kids keep you running in circles, which can help with keeping body fat low.  This doesn’t provide for high-intensity stimulation (unless you’re running while playing), but it can deliver a sustained calorie burner.  Plus, the time you spend with your children will be priceless!

Cardio before training
Most bodybuilders complete their cardio training either first thing in the morning, or at the conclusion of their weight training.  Why not mix it up, and try completing your cardio training upon first arriving at the gym?  Obviously, this practice should be limited to the pre-contest phase of your diet when cardio may supersede weight training in terms of importance.  You can also help your progress by keeping a bit of fruit or a lean protein source on hand to snak on following your cardio workout, before you hit the weights.

Cardiovascular training isn’t the most exciting thing in the world, but it is necessary if you wish to remain in good health and maintain low body fat.  Completing the same exercise day after day can become tedious.  Instead, work to find creative and fun ways to complete your cardio.

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