Training Routines For Hitting The Biceps And Triceps Independently

hitting the biceps and triceps

To build arm muscles, you have to find ways to specifically target the two major muscle groups that make up the upper arms – the biceps and triceps. Many bodybuilders try to just combine these two muscle groups into a single bodybuilding training day, and it works for some. But if you’re the type of trainer who wants to dedicate more sets, more reps, and more time to growing each of these muscle groups independently, then you are going to want to give them their own day.

To build arm muscles on biceps day, the plan is simple. You want to complete as many slow and controlled curls (of multiple varieties) with as much weight as possible, for as many repetitions as possible – until muscle failure is achieved. Once you are at a point where you cannot possibly flex the biceps, and completing even a single more repetition is out of the question, then your training day is not yet complete! Start biceps training day with standing barbell curls. You can use a bench press station or a squat rack for this purpose, or just standing with a barbell is fine as well. After your slow repetition curls, move on to the dumbbell rack. Knock out a variety of sets, ranging from standing to seated to standard grip to Supinated grip dumbbell curls. Machine curls are third – find a Nautilus or Hammer Strength machine and it’s 4 to 6 more sets. Finally, as you approach failure, move on to the cable area and devote 15 solid minutes to burning out your biceps with slow and steady curls until the pump is so bad you can’t even grip the bar anymore!

When you are ready to build arm muscles for the triceps, the recipe doesn’t change a bit! You want to also use the same controlled, slow movement for triceps. You never want to rush, swing, or heave the weight. Rather, stick with the slow and steady process that works with biceps. Begin with skull crushers, moving the weight safely over your head for slow and heavy sets. Use gloves if slippery hands may result in some injury for you. Next, it’s off to close grip bench press, where you continue your free weight assault upon your triceps. Keep the reps safe, but go dangerously heavy! Machine time will lead you to one of the many leverage weight stations for triceps muscles that your gym undoubtedly possesses. Then, finish off arms with style – cable pressdowns. With the variety of angle and handles, you can find new ways to torture your triceps every single time.

You don’t have to be a rock scientists to build arm muscles – people with far fewer brain cells have achieved some serious muscle mass. But you do have to train intelligently. Give each of the major muscle groups of the upper arm – the biceps and triceps – their own training day. Focus solely upon training that muscle group to its maximum peak, and then fleeing the gym and retreating to nutrition and rest – and growth will come before you know it!

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