Where To Position Your Hands For Good Bench Training

bench press

Q:  During the bench, how far apart should your hands be to best hit the triceps and still not hurt yourself?  How about dips – same question?

A: Well, going out too far will hit the chest, for sure, on either one. You need to try a light 100-135 pound bar to ascertain what you’re feeling without the threat of heavy weight and body positioning that can distract you from feeling where your grip is hitting you. In dips, I also like to use dumbbells rather than plates between my legs. It’s also less distracting. Try to take the chain belt your gym has and put a dumbbell in it, rather than a 45 lb plate. The dumbbell won’t fall out, trust me. Just lay it on the chain. Then begin doing your sets starting at the widest point and moving closer. While your triceps are not exhausted, you’ll better be able to feel where it’s hitting. Sometimes at the end of a workout, guys do dips and then can’t feel what their grip is netting them.

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